Asia Council meet to explore new pathways in India-Pakistan relation

New Delhi: The Asia Council will hold the 2017 and 1st Asia Roundtable at University of Oxford in United Kingdom on April 18-20, taking on the theme “India-Pakistan Partnership: Exploring New Pathways”.
The meet scheduled to be held at the Leonard Wolfson conference complex of Oxford University will bring together decision makers from both the countries apart from leaders & diplomats from across the region and experts from world’s major universities and institutions.
The three-day meet will focus on five critical and broad areas i.e. imperatives of India-Pakistan economic partnership, imperatives of India-Pakistan strategic partnership, role of media in forging a sustainable India-Pakistan partnership, role of political establishment in forging a sustainable India-Pakistan partnership and role of civil society in forging a sustainable India-Pakistan partnership.
The key agenda of the meet will be to highlight the major gains of an economic and strategic partnership between both the neighbours, identify the principal roadblocks and the escalating factors, come up with new and effective strategies to build an “ecosystem” for peace & partnership and draw a detailed roadmap to move forward.
The Asia Roundtable is conceived to deliver on issues central to the Asia Council’s key mandate of building lasting peace and prosperity in the continent. The three-day conclave involves in-depth deliberation on a theme to emerge with an enduring and effective solution. The Asia Roundtable is one of the major recurring events of the Asia Council held outside the continent.
The Asia Council was founded in 2016 to serve as a forum for Asia’s heads of state or government and key decision makers to deliberate on the challenges facing Asia. The council covers 48 sovereign states and 6 partially sovereign or dependent territories of the continent of Asia and is headquartered in Tokyo with regional directorates at Bangkok, Doha, Chengdu and 42 country offices. The first Asia Council summit is scheduled for 2018.

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