Asia Pacific Institute Of Management successfully organised scintillating session on ‘Mantras Of Successful Branding’ Lessons From The Legend Mr. Prahlad Kakar (Ad Guru)

New Delhi: ASIA PACIFIC INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT welcomed the advertising guru MR. PRAHLAD KAKAR for a guest lecture on mantras on successful branding. This event was attended by the chairperson MR. A.K. SRIVASTAVA, The faculty members and the students. it was also attended by guests from the media,the board of directors of AIM,corporate guests and recruiters.

Mr. Kakar mentioned that Learning process starts from childhood, to be successful ego should not come before learning. He stated that dreams are all about how creative a person is. Our hope comes from dreaming. He mentioned that higher is the risk involved, higher is gain from that plan. For success he said it is not mandatory to be successful in the first attempt, failure teaches us to learn. Handling rejection leads to fearlessness. He shared a valuable lesson that 2+2 is not equal to 4 but 22 i.e by adding value with passion and commitment. He gave Ericsson mobile phone’s example to tell the students that the companies needs change to survive. Change is the only constant. He concluded his session by presenting his wonderful piece of advertisements like pepsi ad, Times of India ad, safari dicora ad etc.

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