Asian Heart Hospital bagged – Asian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2018

Mumbai: Asian Heart Hospital, a leading healthcare hospital in India, has bagged – Asian Brand & Leadership Conclave 2018

Dr. Ramakanta Panda is the world’s leading cardiac surgeon, often spoken of in the same breath as Dr. Michael E. DeBakey and Dr. Denton A. Cooley.

With a post-graduation in surgery and heart surgery between 1980 and 1985 at India’s revered AIIMS, he proceeded to Cleveland Clinic for his fellowship. Blessed with a string of great gurus, he trained under legendary cardiac surgeons like Dr Floyd Loop and transplant specialist, Prof Magdi Yacoub at Harefield hospital in UK, thereafter.

In 2002, he set up India’s famed Asian Heart Institute. Dr.Ramakanta Panda has performed over 23500 cardiac surgeries as on date. Honoured severally by the media as well as his peers, as India’s No. 1 heart surgeon and a living legend of Indian healthcare, he is widely referred to the safest heart surgeon in the world.

Honoured with the Padma Bhushan in 2010 by the Government of India, Dr.Panda’s incredible 99.6% success rate in bypass surgery is the platinum standard in cardiac surgery across the world. He has repeatedly and successfully operated high risk cardiac cases, sent to him from all over the world after being universally regarded as inoperable. He has performed over 3,500 high risk surgeries.

In 2009, he led the team that successfully operated on the then Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. This was followed by highly complex surgeries on several leaders of Indian politics, such as Lalu Prasad Yadav, Tarun Gogoi, Narasingha Mishra, D Raja, Rajiv Shukla and many others.

Hollywood, Bollywood and the thespians of corporate India trust only his hands when it comes to open heart surgery. He holds the world record for performing a 12-graft procedure in a man with 17 blocks in 2014. The world average for the number of bypass grafts in one cardiac surgery is around 3, which makes his achievements spellbinding to say the least. His team of highly experienced doctors are on his side, as he performs these remarkable breakthrough surgeries. He is recognised for pioneering many techniques in cardiac surgery.

Largely a very humble man known for his philanthropy and mild-manners, Dr Panda is feared for his ethics. He is a crusader against the cut-practice and other malpractices that ail certain pockets of the healthcare system in India. Despite his reputation and his accomplishments, Dr. Ramakanta Panda is a quiet, unassuming person with great love for photography. A committed family man, his wife and children are the centre of his world, when he is away from the operation theatre. He actively promotes a healthy lifestyle for young India, takes time to hone and nurture young medical talent and is an ambassador for healthcare reform in India.

For all his stellar achievements, he has had incredibly humble beginnings. Born in the Damodarpur village of Jajpur district in Orissa, in 1954, he is the son of a farmer who has proved that perseverance and persistence can fulfil the most ordinary persons’ dreams.

About Asian Heart Institute

Asian Heart Institute (AHI), India’s No. 1 Heart Care Hospital, was set up in Nov 2002 with the aim to provide world-class cardiology and cardiac surgery services in India.

Honest opinions delivered by highly capable, experienced, and dedicated professionals, using the best-in-class systems, processes, and practices within a strict ethical framework, have rendered AHI as a model healthcare institution.

Over the last 15 years, Asian Heart Institute has treated more than 3, 50,000 patients, completed over 40,000 angiographies, 23,500 heart surgeries and more than 4000 complex cases. The hospital is credited with

1. Staggering success rate of 99.3%, in treatment of cases considered inoperable elsewhere.

2. Overall 99.83% success rate in cardiac surgeries- among the highest in the world.

3. Highly capable, experienced and dedicated professional, best –in-class systems, processes and practices.

List of Awards and Accolades


1. India’s Most Admired Healthcare Brand at the 5th edition of India’s Most Admired Brands and Leaders Award by White Page international in association with CNN News 18 & India Today TV.

2. Dr. Ramakanta Panda awarded India’s Most Admired Healthcare Personality at the 5th edition of India’s Most Admired Brands and Leaders Award by White Page international in association with CNN News 18 & India Today TV.


1. Reader’s digest: Voted as most ‘Trusted Hospital 2016”

2. Economic Times: No.1 brand in cardiac care in India

3. Medgate Today recognised Dr. Ramakanta Panda India’s No.1 Cardiac surgeon and one of the 25 living legends in Healthcare in India ( Medgate).


Best Single Specialty Hospital, Cardiology (Times of India Health Care Achievers Awards)


1. Top five cardiac hospitals of India by

2. World’s 10 best hospitals for medical tourists by the Medical Tourism Quality Alliance.


Best Single Specialty Cardiac Hospital (CNBC)


1. Best Private Cardiac Hospital in India for 2 years (The week and Hansa Survey).

2. Ranked the “safest cardiac hospital in the world” with the lowest mortality rate, among 15 hospitals in eight countries in the At the International Cardiac Benchmarking survey conducted by the Joint Commission International (JCI),

AHI is the highest accredited hospital in India; with triple gold certificates from JCI (Joint Commission International), NIAHO (National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organisations) and ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation). In 2009, the exemplary work of Asian Heart Institute’s cardiac team came to the fore, when the team was specially chosen for the then hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Sigh’s complex Redo Bypass Surgery and Post – operative care.

AHI is equipped with 12 ultra-modern operations theatres, 100 intensive care units, fully equipped modernized pathology services, radiology, imaging services (CT scan, MRI), blood bank, 24hrs pharmacy services and cardiac ambulance service. The hi-tech cath lab at the hospital for cardiac and vascular interventional procedures- comes with features like unique stent boost, ceiling suspended system gantry, superb image quality, MRC X-Ray tube technology with unique spectral filtration and continuous sensing safety mechanism. The entire design of the cath lab is made patient-centric. The hospital also houses the world’s most sophisticated imaging and diagnostic technologies.