Aster DM Healthcare’s ‘Our New Earth’ microsite on New Normal living draws 340,000 users within 4 months

Bangalore: Aster DM Healthcare – one of the largest integrated healthcare service providers across the GCC and an emerging player in India, has been at the forefront of managing the Covid-19 pandemic with its hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and CSR teams across 7 countries playing a key role in treating positive cases, managing large isolation and quarantine facilities, conducting mass screening camps and providing community support as needed. However, the organization was also cognizant of the larger issue that was troubling the global population at large – how to cope up and readjust to the New Normal living requirements to stay safe, while also continuing to function as normally as possible in the current crisis.

Our New Earth microsite launched in end-May 2020 has been the go-to platform for people seeking health, wellness and development focused guide on the New Normal that has been written and validated by trusted medical professionals. It has been coaching people to deal with the crisis constructively and empower them with all the necessary information and self-help tools required to thrive as a self, helping their children, caring for the parents or high-risk family members and also as an employer or an employee.

“Meaning of E.A.R.T.H can be defined as – Earnest Attempt to Realise True Health- this seems to be the lesson learnt from the pandemic. Let us embrace this new way of living and let’s keep health central for us, the people we love, the community we serve and the Mother Earth we are part of. We are glad that people have found the site useful and actively using the information to cope-up with their everyday challenges. It is our constant endeavor to ensure that the site continues to provide the most latest information as the situation progresses and hope that it continues to bridge the gap between information people want about the ‘New Normal’ and actually getting it straight from the experts,” said Ms. Alisha Moopen, Deputy Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare.

The site has drawn 340,000 users with more than 13% return visitors till now. These visitors are primarily from countries and neighbouring regions that Aster has a presence in, as the site has proven to be hugely popular in the age group of 18-44 years. Almost 98% of the users are consuming the content through mobile phones with minimum 1 min 30s being spent on each article. Some of the most popular articles are Twindemic – Covid 19 + Seasonal Flu, Back to School in the New Normal, Elderly Care in New Normal, Managing Fear Stigma and Stress among others. The content from microsite when posted through Aster’s social media channels has proven to be extremely popular garnering an engagement of 141K+.


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