At the IX Nevsky International Ecological Congress

Professor from the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agrotechnology of PetrSU Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Sergienko took part in the IX Nevsky International Ecological Congress, held in St. Petersburg.
The Nevsky International Ecological Congress has been held since 2008 once every two years in St. Petersburg and is a unique platform for:
development of dialogue and exchange of experience between representatives of public authorities, business circles, educational and research institutions, public organizations on improving the environmental efficiency of the economies of the CIS member states;
improvement of legislation in the field of nature management and environmental protection using mechanisms of legal regulation of the introduction of resource-saving, energy-efficient and low-waste technologies, deep processing of raw materials and waste;
shaping the international agenda related to environmental security policy, in cooperation with the specialized institutions of the United Nations system.
In 2021, the main theme of the congress was “Ecology of the planet – sustainable development”. During 2 days of the congress in the Tauride Palace, 830 participants discussed key issues on the agenda at 10 round tables (May 27) and at a plenary session (May 28).

The agenda of the round tables included such issues as: “Rivers without borders: integrated water resources management”; “Topical issues of environmental education and ecotourism”; “National strategies and projects in the field of ecology and environmental protection. Exchange of experience”; “New Climate Policy”; Forest Resources: Saving the Light of the Planet; “The Arctic: Current Environmental Issues”; “Green energy – the only energy of the future?”; Circular Economy; “Environmental safety: modern challenges and solutions”; Green finance: how to mobilize resources for environmental modernization. ”

L.A. Sergienko took part in 2 round tables: “Rivers without borders: integrated water resources management” under the leadership of Andrey Yatskin, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (the participants discussed issues of transboundary water partnership and the problem of water resources in a changing climate) and ” The Arctic: Topical Environmental Issues “(moderator – Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation).

For 2.5 hours, the participants discussed the main issues – solving the problems of environmental “hot spots” in the Barents / Euro-Arctic region, projects of international cooperation in the Arctic, preventing negative environmental consequences in the development of natural resources of the Arctic, sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the Arctic population and the impact of environmental factors on health person.

In addition to the scientific component, a large cultural program was announced for the congress participants.

L.A. Sergienko noted:

Conducting detailed events is just a reboot for scientists, for specialists in many fields of studying natural ecosystems, and a visit to the beautiful northern capital is also an opportunity for closer and more fruitful cooperation with representatives of business and politics.

Participation in the Nevsky Congress was supported by grants: “Analysis of Gaps and Barriers in the Conservation of Coastal Wetlands in the Euro-Arctic” (Kolarctic-CBC K5004), “Towards the Sustainability of Arctic Swamp Ecosystems through Integral Management and Restoration” (20-54-71002 Arctic_t), ” Environmental Monitoring of Arctic Coastal Ecosystems: Oil Pollution Sensitivity Testing (Arctic EcoSens) “(8-54-20001 Nor_t).

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