Athena Education Announces 10 Ivy-League and Other Prestigious Early Admissions for 2022

Admissions confirmed in MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Barnard, NYU, Tufts, and more More than 20 Athenians have received offers from leading UK universities Acceptance rates for international students at universities like Princeton are around ~1%

New Delhi  – Athena Education, the Indian leader in transformative life coaching for Ivy-League and equivalent universities, today announced that members of its graduating batch of scholars have already secured early admissions to MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Barnard, NYU, and Tufts. Additionally, more than 20 Athenians have received offers from leading UK universities. Results for other members of the batch will be announced around late March as part of the Regular Round.


US applications require not only academic records but also standardized tests, activity lists, essays, recommendations, and more. They admit students who are going to be amazing contributors both in the classroom and in the broader campus community. In addition, both in the US and the UK, excellent academic ability and intellectual vitality are essential, given that these institutions provide the highest calibre of scholarship and professional development.


Poshak Agarwal and Rahul Subramaniam, co-founders of Athena Education, said “We cannot believe how far our young scholars have come. They have grown not only in intelligence but also in maturity and character. They are now ready to leave the nest, absorb all the wisdom the world has to offer and transform the lives of others. Many congratulations to their families and all others who have tirelessly supported them along the way.”


Maanas Sharma (School of Science and Engineering, ‘22) accepted to MIT – demonstrates a nuanced appreciation of artistic, data-driven change, while humorously but firmly establishing ownership over the myriad facets of his character,


Satvik Narang (Heritage Xperiential Learning School, ‘22) accepted to Brown – Aviation … Economics … and Films – a young man who fearlessly flies across disciplinary boundaries,


Stefano Chiampo (United World College of SEA, ‘22) was accepted to Tufts – a product of his global life experiences, this cosmopolitan scholar loves theatre and the fine arts as much as he loves the sciences,


Shiv Kampani (Dhirubhai Ambani International School, ‘22) accepted to Columbia – While he may seem like an erudite and tranquil Bruce Banner, beneath the surface lurks a righteous green fury to constantly ideate, innovate, and create,

Somin Virmani (Philips Andover, ‘22) accepted to Columbia – a doe-eyed boy with the spirit to make healthcare more accessible with his calm demeanour, quick wit, and a zeal to take ownership, not to mention his amazing dance moves!,


Samara Mohan (Metro Delhi International School, ‘22) accepted to Barnard – a social justice activist who constantly ‘lights up’ her community with her passion for doing the right thing,


Anushka Khetawat (Welham Girls’ School, ‘22) accepted to Barnard – our young poetic community builder who harnesses the power of the martial arts to empower other young women,


Ananya Saxena (Heritage International Experiential, Gurgaon, ‘22) was accepted to NYU – a responsible scholar who has acquired the perfect balance of messy creativity and organized efforts, achieving her goals with heart and mind,


Vasuman Vij (KR Mangalam, ‘22) accepted to NYU, Shanghai – our young sneakerhead who’s found “value” in the new and the old, the quirky and the traditional–and most importantly, in himself!,


“We genuinely trusted that under your mentorship, Anushka would not only reach her dream college but also grow and develop as a person. Today we can see that everyone’s efforts have come to fruition,” said Mr Khetawat at the proud moment of his daughter’s acceptance.


Maanas’ parents were similarly jubilant: “We echo our heartiest gratitude to the Athena team as well. We have not seen any set of consultants who are as invested in a child’s success as y’all … you are the BEST!”


For the US, the Early Round submissions were due in early November, and the Regular ones in early January. Oxford and Cambridge will declare their results in the latter half of January and the rest of the UK results are mostly declared on a rolling basis.