Ather Energy acquires rights to the AiKaan’s Over-the-Air (OTA) platform

Ather Energy gains end to end control over its connected vehicle software development Strengthens its tech capabilities around OTA and remote management


Bengaluru : Ather Energy, India’s first electric two-wheeler company to offer features and specification upgrades to existing consumers, has obtained the rights to the AiKaan platform from its OTA (Over-the-air) partner, AiKaan Labs Pvt Ltd. AiKaan provides the industry’s first Edge & Fog infrastructure provision and control solution that is designed for IoT deployments. AiKaan has been working with Ather Energy since its inception to develop the OTA solution, and has played a pivotal role in deploying all OTA updates on Ather electric scooters so far. With the new rights to AiKaan’s strategic platform, Ather Energy now further strengthens its connectivity platform with complete control over the OTA update of the software.


Speaking on this development Swapnil Jain, Co-Founder and CTO, Ather Energy said “Over the years, we have been working closely with Aikaan Labs to develop the OTA solution that makes our vehicles ever-improving two-wheelers. OTA updates for vehicles is a capability that is a game-changer in this industry. At Ather, we strongly believe the future of mobility is ‘connected’. Connected mobility will be strongly dependent on edge device management technology. The addition of Aikaan’s technology will further accelerate intelligent vehicles, thus revolutionising our commute and life experiences seamlessly.”


OTA is the cornerstone of Ather’s connected vehicle platform, enabling its Ather 450 product line to be up-to-date with its latest software and feature offerings while also collecting field data to enhance product design and user experience remotely. Integrating the Aikaan technology with Ather’s Cloud platform, vehicles, and charging infrastructure would accelerate the end-to-end smart and connected use cases with a seamless user experience.


Chetan, CEO, Aikaan Labs said, “In the coming months, we are going to experience more and more Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services. The software is going to be the key differentiator and Ather is positioned at a big advantage. AiKaan’s management and orchestration technologies will accelerate the transformation of the way we experience connected two-wheelers.”


Ather Energy has been investing in connected capabilities since inception to redefine mobility and vehicle ownership over time. Ather’s in-house telematics platform and connectivity infrastructure offers smooth experiences to its customers and introduced new features via OTA upgrades such as guide me home lights, call and music control via the dashboard, remote monitoring, vehicle tracking, real-time vehicle health alerts, and many more. The Ather Energy Community and consumer research have driven the past OTA software upgrades. Being the only company to have released OTA upgrades, Ather Energy’s products are the only ever-improving two-wheeler unlike any other two-wheeler in the market.