Atria Institute of Technology joins SAEINDIA in giving the country insight into Hyperloop

Bengaluru: SAEINDIA (Society of Automobile Engineers India) in collaboration with Atria Institute of Technology hosted a technical seminar on Hyperloop at Atria’s RT Nagar campus. The session highlighted how the Hyperloop concept came into existence and why Hyperloop is the need of the hour when other modes of transportation are available. The key speaker, Mr. Perepu Sai Madhav, is a vehicle dynamics engineer on the Avishkar Hyperloop project at IIT Madras. His team is the only Asian contender amongst the Top 21 finalists in the fourth edition of SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod competition.

“In a country such as ours, which has a large population and people with busy scheduled lives, Hyperloop would be instrumental in paving the path for quicker and easier travel. Moreover, with the current environmental conditions in mind, an environment-friendly mode of transportation such as the Hyperloop is the need of the hour,” said Mr. Sai Madhav. Hyperloop is dubbed to be the future of transport, not just in India but globally. Conceptualised by Elon Musk of SpaceX and famously being called “the fifth mode of transport,” Hyperloop is a mode of transport that includes a pod accelerated gradually via electronic propulsion through a low-pressure tube. Mr Madhav believes that though the initial costs for setting up the system would be high, the subsequent costs would end up being much lower when implemented in the long run.

SAEINDIA is a non-profit engineering and scientific society that is dedicated to the advancement of mobility community in India. SAEINDIA emphasises on transport industries such as automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles and is India’s leading resource for mobility technology. Atria Institute, (affiliated to the the Visvesvaraya Technological University Belgaum) is a premier institute imparting education in the field of engineering and manufacturing. Atria is growing as a busy hub for research activities in the areas of additive manufacturing, nano technologies, digital manufacturing.

J Munirathnam, Chair of SAEINDIA Aerospace forum said, “SAEINDIA aerospace forum has been sharing the successful aerospace related knowledge for its professional members through various international and national technical conferences for the benefit of professionals and students.” In this spirit, the hosts of the event, Atria Institute of Technology and SAEINDIA are in discussions over multiple areas that are part of a shared vision for the advancement of mobility in India, particularly in areas of aerospace, nanotechnology, and transportation.

Kaushik Raju – Director, Atria Institute of Technology said “Education needs to be industry led, PERIOD. This conference signifies our commitment towards this philosophy. With SAEINDIA we are embarking on another long term commitment towards industry engagement helping influence curriculum and content delivery.”

Hyperloop is not just a concept, it is definitely going to drive future mass transportation. It is a yet another example of disruptive technology that is Trans-disciplinary. We are Atria are in the forefront of designing and executing Trans-disciplinary curriculum. This event is a manifestation of that.

The session was attended by industry leaders, faculty and students. “It’s is one of the proud moments in which information dissemination to the fraternity with the objective ensure India’s leadership in science and technology will help evolve the mobility space,” said Vasanth Kini, MD, Titanium Industries India Pvt. Ltd