AU Bank kick-starts a digital-only campaign for its industry-first LIT Credit Card

New Delhi : AU Small Finance Bank recently launched LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card to empower the young, digital-savvy cardholders by providing them the ‘Power of Choices’. Taking ahead the BADLAAV philosophy of AU Bank, LIT allows cardholders to customize their bouquet of credit card features as per their ever-changing lifestyle requirements instead of predefined features. It is India’s first customizable Credit Card that enables users to choose benefits and build their card as per their wish – giving the users access to everything they want, till they want it.

Launched over YouTube, the digital only campaign of LIT Credit Card includes three 15 second films that highlight the unique benefits that LIT Credit Card has to offer:

· LIT means Paying Only for Features You Use: The film shows a man taking a bite from a cupcake and only paying for that bite.

· LIT means Choosing Only Features You Want: The film begins with a salesperson asking a customer which mobile she would like to purchase. The lady chooses three features from three different mobiles.

· LIT means Turning Features ON/OFF As Per Your Wish: The film begins with a man proposing a woman and live band playing in the background. The woman accepts the proposal and ask, “if this can be cancelled later on?”, leaving everyone surprised.


The three films use humorous analogies to demonstrate selecting benefits as per individual’s lifestyle, choosing a pricing as per individual’s need and convenience of Switching ON/OFF benefits as & when one wishes. The crisp communication would help capture the attention of the social media savvy audience that is used to having customized solutions.


Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Uttam Tibrewal, Executive Director, AU Small Finance Bank, said, “Technology and a customer-targeted approach have always helped us bring about the disruption that addresses every aspect of our customer’s ever-evolving needs. Over the years, we learned that the fast-paced advancement in technology and accelerated use of the internet has changed what today’s digital-savvy customers want – more control and pay on-the-go. As we built a product for this new-age customer segment, we consciously chose digital platforms and a snackable format for marketing. The digital campaign of LIT Credit Card is a performance-driven marketing campaign focusing on lead generation. To capture the product proposition most effectively, the overall marketing campaign effectively captures the theme of ONE CREDIT CARD. MANY POSSIBILITIES. ALL IN YOUR CONTROL”.

Humorous content of a short duration is known to be highly effective for the young audience as they are always online and love consuming snackable content. AU Bank used this insight to create 3 product ad films of 15 seconds each capturing the key tenets of LIT credit card in a light-hearted manner. The brand’s objective is to make sure that the films focus on explaining the key tenets of the product effectively and highlighting that it’s a first in the Indian market.