Audiobook Bhoot-Khela by author Geeta Shree now available on Storytel

· Bhoot-Khela was published by Vani Prakashan in print · Geeta Shree is a reputed author and journalist having won Ramnath Goenka Award for Best Hindi Journalist (Year 2008-2009)


Report by Ashutosh Tahkur, New Delhi: It is one thing to read ghost stories; but listening to their narration which invokes scary emotions in one is a different experience all together. If you love ghost stories then Bhoot-Khela by author Geeta Shree is available on Storytel to give you a spine-chilling experience.

Born in Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Geeta Shree is a reputed journalist having won Ramnath Goenka Award for Best Hindi Journalist (Year 2008-2009). Her book Bhoot-Khela published by Vani Prakashan is available on Storytel as an audiobook and has become one of the favorites of the listeners.

Belonging to a village and growing up watching and listening to superstitious events in such an environment is what serves as the backbone of her interest in writing such stories, said Geeta. She said, she does not believe in ghosts but have always been thrilled by the genre.

As a child she wanted to listen to such stories but was also scared of them at the same time. Tingling emotion of fear serving as entertainment in them is what makes them entertaining; and the narration in the audiobook makes it even more hair-raising.

She said, “After growing up and coming to live in Delhi she forgot about such incidents, but soon enough she encountered people with similar experiences in their lives. Recalling one such incident she narrates an experience of visiting a restaurant in London where people make a peg and keep on their dining table believing it will be consumed by a ghost.

For her book she did a lot of research, by reading world famous books on ghost stories, watching horror cinema, and recollecting and recording the petrifying experiences of people and their stories in Edinburg, Prague, Shimla and many more places.

A lot of stories are fictionalized accounts of personal experiences of various people; and a lot of them are based on stories she grew up listening to in her childhood. The stories are fictional, but, being a writer, she said, she was aware that she does not intend to spread superstitions, rather through her stories shed light on such superstitions, and the atrocities faced by women who were accused of being witches.

On her experience of listening to her book in the audiobook format on Storytel, she said, the format not only enhanced the thrill in the story but also created an ambience which the listeners will definitely enjoy; specially the narration.

The audiobook sample could be listened to in the following link:

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