Auraa Image and Life Coach Samira Gupta introduce a one-of-a-kind course in Transformational Coaching

New Delhi: Founder and Chief Consultant at Auraa Image Management and Consulting (AIM&C), Samira Gupta announced the launch of her unparalleled course – Transformation Coach Certification. Coach Samira is a renowned life coach, executive presence coach, corporate consultant and facilitator and a firewalking instructor & trainer. The registrations for the Transformation Coach Certification Program are now open for aspirants to become professional Transformation Coach. A six-month-long association with Coach Samira. This certification will not only empower you to become a professional Transformation coach but also transform you in the process. The course will start in May 2021 and is expected to culminate by October

The program’s pedagogy and curriculum is holistically designed from 25+ years of experience and learning by Coach Samira Gupta. Over a span of 6 months of intensive training, you can learn and develop a structured, clear and an impactful training style. This coach and training certification will be provided both, online and on-site, offering you the opportunity to choose the delivery method that suits you the best. Both online and onsite training provide the same impactful curriculum facilitated by Coach Samira herself. It is open for anyone who wishes to transform their lives, right from corporate trainers, coaches, HR professionals and entrepreneurs to housewives and non-corporate professionals, who have a passion and desire to learn the art of inner and outer transformation.

The Certification Program is divided into four modules – outer transformation, inner transformation, coaching skills and business skills.


Having garnered more than a quarter-century experience in the corporate world, Samira’s approach and her experience, coaching tools and necessary elements in her programs enable a complete transformation for the clients’ professional and personal lives. Samira added, “What distinguishes this particular program is that it offers a separate module on building a credible personal brand by positioning yourself and your USPs. This certification will empower aspirants with the core competencies of a high professional calibre.”

Auraa Image Management and Consulting has trained over 2000 corporate individuals and over 50,000 mid & senior level corporate professionals across multiple industries. Under Coach Samira Gupta’s guidance, the company reflects a vision to make a difference in people’s lives and is based on a rock-solid foundation of corporate leadership skills & people skills. AIM&C is a forerunner of Image Management, Corporate Training, Executive Presence Coaching among other services in the country, having worked with leading Fortune 500 companies and offering a wide range of corporate training, personality development, business coaching & trainer certificate programmes. AIMC extends Samira’s philosophy and specialises in image management, personality development, soft skills, selling skills, firewalking and customer care for corporate organizations & individuals.