Author Pooja Valeja’s ‘‘A Flight to Catch’ recives appreciation

Mumbai ‘A Flight to Catch’, the book by Pooja Valeja launched last month and ever since its release on Amazon worldwide, the author cum entrepreneur has found reactions to the book amazingly positive and uplifting. A four-month labour of love that was created during lockdown, the book tells the story of a relationship between ‘Pritz’ and ‘Patel’ that transforms and switches many moulds with an interesting twist in the tail as they travel across the great country of Canada in wintertime.

From whimsical experiences in a foreign country to the couple facing many moments of whacky conundrums, the unique book since its release has been covered across various media spaces and received attention of not only Media, but also brands. Even though its just been a month of the ‘A Flight to Catch’, it is sure to witness an amazing Diwali.

Sharing her experience of writing to gaining attention for the book, the author Pooja Valeja shared,” I was a bit apprehensive to release the book, initially. But one day, I made the decision to do this and the reaction received has made the experience so much sweeter. I have been overwhelmed by celebrities asking me about the book and how they were so surprised by the many moments that made them go ‘whoa’. I don’t want to give away much but the book is a reflection to celebrate every experience in your life no matter what the end result is! The couple in the book share a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the book and I am happy that people relate to the book and the characters.”


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