Author Raina Singhwi Jain Joins KLF Bhava Samvad With Her Latest Book ‘The Golden Bird 2.0’

On 19th December, author Raina Singhwi Jain joined KLF Bhava Samvad. Senior journalist Medha Shri Dahiya moderated the session on Raina’s latest book ‘The Golden Bird 2.0’.

Talking about her book and idea, Raina said, “The very environment we are building for ourselves today will truly define the future of India. I’m a big believer in learning from the best. I’ve picked on ideas that would form the growth story of a nation.”

“We have to have a holistic view of where we come from, where we are today and where we are to reach. No country can be completely self reliant. The more we export, the more we make other countries dependent on us. So when we have products to offer to the world which are India-specific, we can create a monopoly,” stated Raina.

Raina also opined that the pandemic has pushed us into the digital sphere in a very large way.

“Millennials are preferring working from home as full time employment for the convenience. India finds itself as the market for online services in the world.

One of the topics I talked about in the book is how we need to build the whole system, the ecosystem around mentoring and pull up our people so that we can really define this growth trajectory for India. We need to build faith in people

We need to make this environment conducive so that upcoming generations don’t feel like that(lack of opportunity and infrastructure)”

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