Author Ravi Kikan launches his second book Bounce Back Now, especially curated for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups & small business owner

Irrespective of tough times like this ongoing pandemic Covid19 which has been testing everyone’s patience, business acumen or more so the economy, the winners will always find a way out to come out of this chaos and make way for greener pastures. You could be one of them.


Remember in whatever you have gone through or are going through, whether :


  • Tough Challenging Times & Economic Turmoils

  • Past Business Failures

  • Personal Losses In Life

  • Depression & Unwanted Pressures

  • High Expectations From Everyone

  • Struggling With Your Idea In Tough Times

  • Loss Of Self Confidence

  • Knowing Not What To Do

  • Failing To Grow As A Venture

  • Major Challenges In terms Of Scaling Up Your Business

You can chuck all your worries now if you have the right positive mindset, a defined roadmap, some great suggestions from experts, entrepreneurs and founders. All you need to do is to just unlearn and relearn and look at things from a positive, practical & actionable bent of mind. You are almost there.

Ravi Kikan has just published his second Bounce Back Now that might just come handy for aspiring entrepreneurs, growth bound startups, professionals, homemakers, students who are either planning or have launched their business in these tough times and now looking to bounce back & grow. He is also the author of the book How To Validate Your Startup Business Idea: Simple Self Help Tips That Can Help Startups, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners To Validate Their Startup Business Idea

Bounce Back Now is a collation of suggestions & experiences that have been handpicked as “practical actionable tips” to help people bounce back and understand organic growth for self and business even during tough times like this current pandemic

This book also addresses a very pertinent cause.

Ravi Kikan added “It is my endeavor to support individuals who might be in a closed state of mind, pessimistic, depressed or might have failed in their previous efforts. Having gone through the same time and again myself, I feel this is a key thing to be addressed. This is like the elephant in the house. The content in this book is also about hope (beyond just business), practical actionable tips and I have tried my very best to handhold the reader as much as I can in this whole book journey to bounce back now & grow. Remember tough times never last but tough people always do.”

Why this book?

Ravi Kikan added “When you are struggling, the best thing you can do is to reach out to people who can share hope and can guide you to the right direction. Reaching out to people who already have experienced that state of mind or have had multiple experiences in the same domain can give you a great understanding on how unchartered territories would most likely be. This lays the foundation of a bounce-back mindset both for growth & scaling up. Bounce Back Now addresses that.”

A lot of serial entrepreneurs, experts, founders from across the globe have also contributed their point of view in this book.

Prasad Rajappan, Founder & CEO of ZingHR has also shared his POV on OutcomationTM in this book. He shared, “The most important thing that an entrepreneur should know is to sustain and retain his composure and business acumen during tough times. Glad at ZingHR we not only have done that but we are now planning a massive expansion across India and Outside India, thanks to our amazing team and a positive mindset. While we believe it important to sustain business in tough times, it is equally important to stick to your Core Values and Ethics in dealing with all your stakeholders including your competition. Never deviate from this. These are some of the reasons that still being just a seed-funded venture, we have turned out profitable with average client engagement of 8-9 years.”

Raghav Belavadi, Founder & CEO- Hype Luxury Mobility also shared “Tough times are great times to internalise our beliefs and conviction. This internal housekeeping provides ample time to fix the edges and get completely ready for the new scenario as this phase shall pass too. Often we are more broken inside than outside and I advise founders to take this as a great opportunity to hit the drawing board, rework, repair and get ready. Trust me, you can transform yourself into a totally new person at the end of the passing tough phase.”


Bounce Back Now is now available on 

Amazon India

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