Author Soumya Mohanty’s book “STAGE-4” revolves round the experiences of life & Conquering cancer with divine love


Bhubaneswar: The spirit of love, care, affection and a zeal to live life despite having a disease like cancer is the epitome of this lovely tale by a husband (the author) who lost his beloved wife Rupa. The book revolves round the experiences of life, highs, lows and professional challenges, the recession in IT industry and how a sweet couple_ madly in love with each other_ manages to overcome all, with a unique stride.
The book is a lesson for all readers who narrate their petty tale of depression, anxiety, bad luck and life’s odd chapters, but a beautiful volume of inspiration for those, who always think positive and despite all challenges preserve the spirit of the love, companionship and promise for each other, made from the early days of their friendship/courtship!
The name “ Stage-4’’ was chosen by Soumya Mohanty as his wife was diagnosed with that stage of the seemingly incurable health menace, but it seems appropriate as the small title conveys the great story in a spread of nearly 290 pages of detailed account of their love, life and untimely separation (following Rupa’s death).
Soumya is a techie with an independent mind and after having a very promising professional career with several top ranking MNCs in the IT sector he settles down to form his own company. His loving wife Rupa, his “best friend ever in life till the end’’ supported his all steps and she also sacrificed her own professional career to see her hubby as an extremely successful IT entrepreneur.
Set in the Temple City Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, IT Capital Bengaluru and for some medical consultation with the City of Dreams, Mumbai, “Stage-4’’ is a lovely chronology of love’s birth, childhood, youth and sad disappearance in the peak of the life due to the disease. However, the narration of the author without having earlier writing experience has been a tremendous success in terms of the quality, describing the situation and last but not the least, telling all with an eye for details.
“Stage-4’’ will be a great book for those in their prime of love, beginning of their conjugal life, script writers going after stories and ideas to have a great plot and also film makers to create a marvelous story in the reel life from the real-life situation. It might be a treat for those, who want to experience twist in the tale and find hope despite a fatal consequence towards the end.
In a time when family values are dwindling away in the world of “nuclear sociology’’, the book “Stage-4’’ is a wonderful deviation of true family values, friends helping each other, siblings coming to the rescue of their younger counterparts and how many doctors are also helping out patients in their difficult times and understanding their needs.
The author, a state-level Chess player once, who had fallen victim to nepotism and later could not join a film school or become a music composer/director becomes very much successful in life and love, but the happiness did not last longer. However, he never lost his cool except some two three occasions during the hospitalization of his beloved wife and maintained a harmony with other who came across their lives.
“Stage-4’’ is a lovely account of powerful story-telling by a debutant writer, who could take the credit of creating a masterpiece for his wife just as the great Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan did with white marble stones on the banks of Yamuna for Mumtaz, in Taj Mahal. The story is unstoppable till the end once you get weaved through the narratives of the writer’s life-events and how tragedies could come encroaching and suffocating all our efforts to put the steps forward.
As a great cause the author also wishes to spend the proceeds from the sale of the book for the women and kids affected with cancer and to create awareness on the disease.

Book Title: STAGE-4
Author: Soumya Mohanty
Publisher: Notion Press
PP: 286, Price (INR): 320

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