“Author’s microphone” – a creative meeting with children’s writers

A creative online meeting of students with modern children’s writers, screenwriters, teachers Valentina Dyogteva and Dmitry Sirotin took place.
Students of the Institute of Philology on the initiative of Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of General and Professional Education N.A. Bogdanova took part in the IX All-Russian festival “Read! Be able to! Live brightly!”, Organized by the “Format-M” publishing house.

A creative meeting “Author’s microphone” with children’s writers Valentina Dyogteva and Dmitry Sirotin took place remotely in electronic format.

Valentina Aleksandrovna Dyogteva is the author of 14 published books, screenwriter of Radio Russia, teacher of the Reading with Adventure literary workshop at the Arka Marka center at the State Museum of Art, leading book laboratories and clubs of the educational Internet portal Show and Tell.

Dmitry Alexandrovich Sirotin is a writer, actor, author of several books and publications in magazines, literary collections and almanacs in Russia and abroad. The writers shared their creative findings in working with schoolchildren of different ages, highlighted the peculiarities of working with bilingual children, and recommended the development of courses, lectures and practical classes in literature.

The students shared their impressions of the meeting.

Margarita Hareva:

We learned about how you can attract children to literature, how to teach children’s minds to think outside the box, teach them not to be afraid of the stage and performances. As a future teacher, this information was very useful to me. After all, working with children is not easy, it requires special skills and efforts, knowledge of ways to make learning interesting and informative.

Ekaterina Yunikova:

As a person close to literary art, it was interesting for me to hear about how people realized their talent and acquired skills that help in writing. How they interest children and teach them such complex activities as writing. After seeing the colorful illustrations, I really want to read the books they wrote, watch the videos they shot and be sure to look into the book laboratory. It is possible that Valentina Degteva’s manual will help me not only to develop my writing skills, but also to find new applications for them.

Tatiana Dolya:

After such events, I want to create, write books, poems, illustrate them.

Sofia Efremova:

For me, this conference was very useful and interesting, as I was able to see people who are passionate about their work, give themselves completely to creativity in order to delight children with new works, new heroes.


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