Automation Anywhere University is Leading the Way to Reskill and Ready the Workforce for the Future of Automation

Bangalore: Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced its education and certification division, Automation Anywhere University (AAU), has trained more than 350,000 developers, business analysts, partners and students in RPA. The program is expanding at an accelerated pace globally with more than 65 authorized training partners, 300+ academic institutions, continuing education programs and professional associations.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, automation and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are anticipated to encourage as many as 375 million workers, or roughly 14 percent of the global workforce to reskill themselves by 2030. RPA ranks as the third fastest growing technology for reskilling in the U.S. freelance job market, according to a survey by Upwork.

“The kinds of skills companies will require in the next three to five years are going to shift, with profound implications for the career paths that workers will need to pursue as RPA continues its trajectory,” said Sundar Nagarathnam, Senior Vice President, Automation Anywhere. “We believe that investing in retraining and upskilling today’s professionals is an urgent business priority, and it’s imperative to prepare the next generation workforce for the future. Our company is steadfast in our commitment to provide RPA education worldwide anytime, anywhere and to anyone.”

Expanding RPA to the Masses

Within the next five years, the company anticipates certifying more than one million individuals for the future of work and is continuing to build partnerships with training partners, professional communities and academic institutions globally.

AAU has experienced explosive demand for its curriculum since its inception less than two years ago, demonstrating a compelling demand in the market for RPA training and certification. The program provides role-based learning trails and courses ranging from beginner to expert level and offers one of the most comprehensive RPA training and industry-recognized certifications to help get ahead as well as yield new careers in RPA.

Automation Anywhere has recently signed an agreement with the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants which serves the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), leaders in the accounting profession worldwide. This partnership will offer RPA training to the organizations’ 650,000 membership seeking continuing professional education credit courses both online and in person. In addition, large training partners like NIIT, Fast Lane, Pasona and several boutique partners offer RPA training across the globe.

“We are excited to partner with Automation Anywhere globally to provide RPA training and certification support to upskill and reskill business and IT professionals,” said Sapnesh Lalla, CEO, NIIT. “This partnership brings NIIT’s proven outcome-oriented learning design and delivery to the rapidly growing Automation Anywhere eco-system. We believe this will give further impetus to the widespread adoption of RPA by ensuring the availability of job-ready talent for the future workplace.”

AAU has trained students from the world’s top universities in the U.S., Singapore, Korea, and India. Some of the academic institutions now affiliated with AAU include: University of Mississippi, Tulane University, University of Maryland in the U.S., as well as NUS in Singapore, Christ University in India, Cheongju University in Korea, and Dhurakij Pundit University in Thailand. AAU has also now opened more than 85 Bot Labs at educational institutions worldwide to ensure students have the ability to gain expertise in building software bots.

A comprehensive library of AAU’s free self-paced courses is designed for continuous learning. The leading online platforms like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and SimpliLearn also offer courses on RPA. Business and IT professionals can currently choose from nearly 70 individual courses or nine role-based learning paths containing three to five courses each, and aligned to core RPA roles, such as bot developer, business analyst or RPA program manager.

With a mission to provide scalable, effective and convenient learning solutions to the workforce of tomorrow, AAU has now achieved multiple key milestones. These include:

Trained more than 350,000 students, developers, partners and business professionals from 300 educational institutions, and are currently attracting over 10,000 new users every month
Delivered over 50,000 new badges and certifications
Added more than 65 courses based on RPA job roles
Implemented coursework ranging from short micro-learning modules to in-depth specialized topics in multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, German and French
Continued on-going engagement on the A-People community to share, discuss, ask and learn with other RPA practitioners
Organized six Botathons in India and bot-building events with participation from more than 5,000 students

“We are excited to be partnering with Automation Anywhere to bring RPA training and education to the classroom,” said Christine Cheng, Professor of Accounting at University of Mississippi. “Leveraging RPA enables users like accountants and tax regulators the ability to improve business processes and lower operating costs. By teaching my students the fundamentals of RPA, we are providing a solid foundation to help accountants be on the forefront of innovation and bring new skills to future employers.”

To learn more about Automation Anywhere University and register for courses, visit here . AAU also plans to launch a mobile app in the second half of the year in which users can easily access courses via a mobile device.