Avishkaar set to make coding accessible with its Coder’s Starter Kit; encourages to build #Tech4LargerGood

Priced at INR 3199, the Coders Starter Kit can be used to make 5 smart gadgets from scratch, each taking an average of only 30 minutes to complete A recent survey by Avishkaar among 5000 parents shows that 53% use the hands-on learning approach with DIY kits to keep up interest levels in STEM and next-gen tech concepts

New Delhi : With schools shutting down indefinitely in March 2020, many families have been struggling to engage their children in the most meaningful manner and away from the screen. On the contrary, it is a fact that a lot of them have resorted to additional online scholastic and non-scholastic activities.

As a result, coding has emerged as a new skill to learn among children in the past 18 months. However, they are growing up to be keyboard warriors who are learning to “write” code. Avishkaar has yet again proven that coding does not mean that you sit in front of the computer. It instead is a skill that can encourage young minds to build the impossible and to use #Tech4LargerGood.

The Avishkaar Coder’s Starter Kit is a beginner’s kit that is ideal to help kickstart a child’s journey in innovation with coding and hands-on skills, and building everyday, tangible objects that they can actually use. This includes a smart watch, a portable TV, an arcade game console, a study lamp and whatnot! The kit includes over 15 components that can be used to make 5 smart gadgets that can be used in real life!

“It takes a lot of grit to build something from scratch. You fail multiple times – maybe because you used a different screw, or used the wrong motor or put a higher weight than the robot could bear. It is through the process of iteration that you can get anything to work, let alone a robot. With the Coders Starter Kit we want young and aspiring minds to develop a mindset that encourages them to build for their own environment. This allows them to have a 5-dimensional coding experience and humanize the very idea of coding. The continuous process of making and breaking things triggers an innovative mindset in children, in turn encouraging parents to constantly create those microenvironments,” Tarun Bhalla, CEO & Co-founder, Avishkaar said.

Here’s how easy it is for a child as young as 8 years old build his/ her own smart watch –

Join the cutouts to make a meaningful form and place the Makerboard in its heart.

Write a simple code using blocks on the Avishkaar Maker Studio (AMS) platform

Burn this on to Avishkaar’s Makerboard

Voila! You have done your first Avishkaar!

What’s unique about the Avishkaar Coder’s Starter Kit –

With Avishkaar’s MBPlay android app, children can control their gadgets using a smartphone. This will introduce them with Bluetooth Model enhancing the IoT experience in making robots.

The Avishkaar Maker Board is an easy to use electronic platform through which children can create fun, intuitive and innovative projects. It consists of an LED 5X5 Matrix, an on-board buzzer, push buttons, reset switch, bluetooth and GPIO pins.

Comes in with free video tutorials with detailed instructions that will help children make mobile app controlled gadgets.

Avishkaar’s Coder’s Starter Kit is available on Amazon and on Avishkaar’s official website at a price of INR 3199.


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