Avoid These 6 Mistakes While Preparing For NEET Exam

Preparation for any competitive exam requires tremendous efforts and hardwork wherein a minutest mistake, as silly it can be has the probability to cost you a lot, considering the high level of competition in exams like MBBS NEET. Sometimes, we are so concerned about completing our syllabus and get so engrossed in preparing that we tend to commit a few common mistakes. As it’s said, Prevention is better than Cure, we have mentioned all those mistakes that you must avoid doing a.

Well Revised or not?

Most of the students face the issue of not being able to remember a concept that they had studied so well, because of one straight fact, i.e. incomplete revision. It may also take the form of a nightmare for many when one tries to revise concepts they might have ignored while studying. Revision is of utmost importance when it comes to preparation of any exam. It is all the more important during JEE and NEET preparation. Many students just learn their lessons and leave them. They hardly revise them once or twice. This is one of the most common preparation mistakes. It is essential to revise your old chapters simultaneously as you learn the new ones. Revision of your chapters must be done over and over again to memorize them well to make sure that you are a hundred percent of what you have learnt.

Mock Tests be the Success Mantra!

Many students practice a few mock tests towards the end. Many others just skim through the sample papers and mock tests to know the examination pattern. Remember, you are only half prepared if you do not practice through mock tests! And, half the job done is no job done. You must practice mock tests and solve previous years’ papers regularly. This will help you assess your knowledge and give you a first- hand experience of solving the paper amazon aws certification.

Sleeping Less to Study More? Think Again.

Many students compromise on their sleep to increase the number of study hours. This is again wrong. Compromising on sleep leaves you lethargic and stressed. Your ability to concentrate decreases drastically and so does your productivity. It is essential to sleep for 7-8 hours every night in order to wake up fresh and energized and focus better. Designing a hectic schedule might seem as the way to go, but it is not feasible in the long run. You might be led to believe that the longer you study, the better you will score and cover the entire syllabus. This is far from the truth.

In fact, it will affect your retention abilities and you may develop fatigue. Your brain requires some hours of rejuvenation in order to restore balance and improve memory function and taking small breaks in between will help you with the same. Hence, it is recommended not to compromise your sleep, eating or relaxation time and prepare a plan to combine everything along with your study hours.

Not Clarifying Doubts

Many students tend to not clarify their doubts in the class. This is either because they hesitate to ask questions from their teacher or simply procrastinate. When the doubts are not clear and the basics are not strong you can never answer the questions correctly. You must clarify all your doubts to prepare well.

Using Social Media and Mobile Phones

The use of social media and mobile phones is another hindrance in examination preparation. Students these days over indulge in using their mobile phones and social media accounts. This is one of the biggest mistakes as it contributes in wasting a lot of time. It is suggested to set your mobile phone aside when you sit to study.

Excessive Stress

It is normal to feel anxious as these competitive exams approach. However, some students stress a bit too much. This hampers their ability to learn and perform efficiently. It is essential to keep calm and don a positive attitude to knock this examination!

You must all avoid these mistakes and prepare thoroughly for your exam to come out with flying colours. After all, it is your ability that is being tested and not just your memory to cram the concepts. Good luck!