Awakening an era of Science & Technology by JUNIOR TECHNOVANZA’18: Manav Rachna

Gurugram: A fun filled two-day technical extravaganza “Junior Technovanza 2018” is being organized by Manav Rachna International School, Sec 51, Gurugram for junior wizards to ignite young minds through fun and interactive activities.

On the first day of ‘Junior Technovanza’, the children explored various activities like fun with geo board, build the tallest tower, young builders , skydives, fun with planes , Bee Bot, etc. under various age categories like Nano Chips, Techy Champs, Wonder Widgets, Gizmo Geeks and learnt new skills while having a great time.

Parents are the child’s first teacher hence they need to participate in their child’s learning journey and be aware of their child’s growth. Keeping this in mind, various Parent Involvement Activities like War of Galaxies, Race the Maze, Comet Making, Crater Making and many more were planned for the parents in which they participated enthusiastically. It was a treat to see them all working together and using their creativity.

It proved to be a wonderful session for the children and parents and everyone left with new hopes for the new journey.