Award-Winning Tech Toys Company, PlayShifu Announces Participation in National Toy Fair 2021

New Delhi: PlayShifu, a Bangalore-based startup, and leading AR toymaker, announced its participation in the first-ever National Toy Fair being conducted by the Government of India. PlayShifu is known for its disruptive growth through innovation in the tech toys space. Having expanded to 35 countries in only 3 years, they see this as a promising opportunity to strengthen their operations in India.

PlayShifu 2021 Products Overview :

The 4-day National Toy Fair will be hosted virtually by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) between 27th February and 2nd March and will be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Co-organised by the Toy Association of India, the exhibition is a great opportunity for toy manufacturers to come together and showcase their toys and games to buyers and toy enthusiasts across the world.

Speaking about the opportunity, Mr. Vivek Goyal, Co-Founder and CEO, PlayShifu, said, “The Indian toy market, estimated at approximately $1 billion, is growing by 10-15% every year. Educational/STEM toys account for over 30% of all toys. More parents are investing in smart toys that are both fun and educational. We are thrilled to have opportunities like the Toy Fair 2021 that help Indian companies ride these trends.”

PlayShifu redefines tomorrow’s world through educational play experiences for kids today, thriving on unique phygital interactions and engaging story-based gameplay. They have identified 20 essential skills that children need to develop in their foundational years (3-11), and these are thoughtfully weaved in their game-based educational toys, making STEM learning a delightful experience. Their range of toys and games includes:

● Orboot: AR-powered globes with which children can travel in time and across the universe to interact with different cultures, visualize new lands, and learn amazing facts. 3 variants—Earth, Dinos, and Mars—are available.

● Plugo: A gaming system with 5 AR-powered STEM kits and story-based gameplay that teaches maths, grammar, music, and more—Count, Letters, Slingshot, Tunes, and Link.

● Tacto (upcoming): The first-ever phygital board-game system that turns tablets into interactive game boards using real figurines—Classics, Chess, Coding, Dinos, and Laser.

PlayShifu’s toys are user-friendly and affordable, as there are no electronics involved. They work with smartphones and tablets that are easily accessible, with the intent to reach out to as many children as possible.

“Our aim is to help every child reimagine learning with our tech toys. We take important toys and memories from our childhood and rethink them from the perspective of Gen Alpha—like bringing the good old globe back to life in the form of the Orboot series. We anticipate that the National Toy Fair will provide a platform to the vast Indian toy market and create avenues for every stakeholder, including PlayShifu, to grow,” added Mr. Dinesh Advani, Co-Founder and COO, PlayShifu.

PlayShifu’s primary focus is to achieve the balance between fun and play. Using the power of AR, their toys and games retain the tactile elements of traditional toys while adding a rich layer of digital interactivity to create unique gaming experiences.

PlayShifu is currently bringing joy to over 500,000 children across 35 countries worldwide. With Toy Fair 2021, PlayShifu aims to spread its wings in the Indian market, manufacture the latest product range locally, and find the right partners to reach every child in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities.


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