Axio BioSolutions Implements ‘Design for Environment’(DfE) Concepts across its Value Chain

Bangalore- In line with its sustainability vision, Axio Biosolutions, a leading medical technology company, has very efficiently and effectively implemented the principles of Design for Environment(DfE) across the value chain in the organization. The brand ensures that its medical devices are made from environmentally sustainable materials, and that its manufacturing processes are designed to minimize energy and water consumption. The business chooses recyclable packaging materials with care, which helps to lessen the total environmental impact of its products.


In the last year alone, Axio Biosolutions procured over 1,49,000 units of Secondary Folding Box Board(FBB) and reduced the use of plastics by about 1900 kilograms. The brand has also procured approximately 7525 kg of Paper Board (corrugated boxes), by going ahead with recycled boxes, and thus saved felling of almost 128 trees per annum. Additionally, it procured approx. 300+ kgs of Chitosan which is derived from 10.5 metric ton of shrimp waste that would have otherwise been dumped into the sea or land.


Sharing his views, Mr. Saurabh Rawat, Assistant General Manager, Axio Biosolutions, said “Designing for the environment is not just a responsibility; it is an opportunity to innovate and create a better future. By putting DfE principles into practice, we at Axio Bisolutions have lessened both our carbon footprint and the environmental impact of our products. We have made significant efforts to ensure that our products are easily recyclable, and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. This unwavering commitment has made it possible for us to operate more sustainably and to help make the earth healthier for the coming generations.”


In its quest towards environmental sustainability, Axio Biosolutions has achieved a number of noteworthy successes. The business makes sure that the materials used to make its medical devices are environmentally friendly, and it uses techniques that use less energy and water. A key idea in DfE is the emphasis on developing systems, procedures, and products that are ecologically sustainable over their entire lifecycle. In the past, businesses have prioritised the final product and financial gains over any potential long-term environmental effects. Axio Biosolutions, on the other hand, has embraced DfE and integrated it into every aspect of their business.


Axio Biosolutions uses chitosan, a biomaterial derived from the shells of crustaceans, making it a renewable and biodegradable resource, to address the problem of waste management. The business recycles waste that would otherwise harm the environment using this novel strategy. Axio Biosolutions lessens its environmental effect and aids in the development of a more circular economy by cutting waste and relying on renewable resources.


The brand consciously collaborates with regional suppliers, with about 80% of them being local. Multiple environmental advantages of this practice include lowered transportation emissions and support to the local economy that also promotes transparency and accountability. Axio Biosolutions ensures that sustainability standards and ethical requirements are met by working with regional vendors, from responsible sourcing of raw materials to ecologically friendly operations.


Responsible manufacturing practises, the use of non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals, and adherence to strict norms and laws are all highly valued by Axio Biosolutions. The business makes sure that different wastes produced at its facilities are gathered, transported, and disposed of in a safe and responsible manner while adhering to all legal requirements.


By providing business transport for more than 60% of its workers, Axio Biosolutions also supports employee sustainability by lowering the number of cars on the road and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. In order to further help reduce carbon footprints, the company also promotes the usage of alternative forms of transportation like public transit and carpooling.


Axio Biosolutions has become a frontrunner in the medical device manufacturing sector by adopting sustainable practices and implementing DfE principles. The organization’s dedication to environmental stewardship serves as a positive role model for its peers and spurs change within the sector.