AYUSH Dispensary Ishtiyari replenished with annual supply

KISHTWAR : AYUSH Dispensary Ishtiyari has been provided with an annual supply of medicines by the department under the supervision of District Nodal Officer AYUSH Dr Taraq Hussain.

Medical officer Dr Joneed Iqbal along with yoga therapist Anil Kumar conducted a two day tour of the area and provided annual supply and conducted regular inspection of this far off place.

Free immunity boosters were also provided to the locals, while a yoga camp was also held there on the direction of Director Dr. Mohan Singh and the overall supervision of Deputy Secretary Ashok Kumar Sharma.

During the two days tour, the people were informed about the various activities conducted by the Ayush department for the last one year. The people of Ishtiyari thanked the Ayush department for its untiring efforts to reach out with the medical facilities at their doorstep in these hard times of COVID 19 pandemic.


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