AYUSH Ministry announces the names of the winners of ‘My Life – My Yoga’ Video Blogging Contest

New Delhi: The names of the winners of video blogging contest ‘My Life, My Yoga’ have been announced today. This global contest on digital platform is a joint effort by the Ministry of AYUSH and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and was launched on 31st May 2020 by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, on occasion of 6th International Day of Yoga.

The contest was held in six categories- Professional, Adult (above 18 years) and Youth (under 18) with Male and Female contestants considered separately. A Total of 35141 entries were received from India and nearly 2000 entries were received from other countries. The entries of other countries are being evaluated by the respective Indian Missions.

The first winners in professional category are Ashwath Hegde (male) and Rajni Gehlot (female). Rajpal Singh Arya and Shailee Prasad are first in adult (above 18 years) category and Pranay Sharma and Navyaa.S.H are first in youth (under 18 years) category.

The entries received from India were screened by 200 yoga experts and 160 videos were shortlisted. Further, a 15-member jury across these categories evaluated the shortlisted entries. Winners were decided by scores allotted independently by Jury members and averaged. Those with highest average score were declared winners.

The contest was open to participants from across the world. To enter into the contest, the participants were required to upload a 3 minutes video of 3 Yogic practices (kriya, asana, pranayama, bandha or mudra), including a short video message/ description on how the said Yogic practices influenced their life. The videos were uploaded on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the contest hashtag #MyLifeMyYoga. The contest closed on the International Day of Yoga, i.e. on21st June 2020 at 23.50 hrs.

The winners of the country prize for India in the six categories are as follows:

  1. Professional Category:


S.No Name Participant ID Location Winner
1 Ashwath Hegde NOPaRGKqa Sirsi – Karnataka – India 1st Prize
2 HA Patel IndiaIG2424 Details awaited 2nd Prize
3 Rishipal UvosV94Hp Haridwar – Uttarakhand – India 3rd Prize


S.No Name Participant ID Location Winner
1 Rajni Gehlot 5657773 Details awaited 1st Prize
2 Pooja Patel IndiaIG1089 Details awaited 2nd Prize
3 Janvi Prathibha Patel India-T457 Details awaited 3rd Prize

  1. Adult (Above 18 years) Category:


S.No Name Participant ID Location Winner
1 Rajpal Singh Arya GHFK3Seok Shamli – Uttar Pradesh – India 1st Prize
2 Harshit Parihar Ny1gvx0pA Chandigarh – Chandigarh – India 2nd Prize
3 Nitin Tanaji Pawale Txb_H8_bu Pune – Maharashtra – India 3rd Prize


S.No. Name Participant ID Location Winner
1 Shailee Prasad fUkqrq9Of Bengaluru,Karnataka 1st Prize
2 Akanksha IndiaIG1635 Details awaited 2nd Prize
3 U.B. Athistta SckM9x1C4 Nagercoil – Tamil Nadu – India 3rd Prize

  1. Youth Category (Under 18 Years):


S.No Name Participant ID Location Winner
1 Pranay Sharma Y4qsge-4i Saharanpur – Uttar Pradesh – India 1st Prize
2 Sunny vqgQGmrK6 Details awaited 2nd Prize
3 Kabilan Subramaniam 3FPdAMyqt Karur – Tamil Nadu – India 3rd Prize


S.No Name Location Winner
1 Navyaa.S.H Chunkankadai & Post, Kanyakumari District 1st Prize
2 Avni Ramrakshani Pune – Maharashtra 2nd Prize
3 Manvi Vyas Hissar – Haryana 3rd Prize

The names of winners among the  overseas participants will be announced later separately.