Ayush Sanjivani Quiz Contest on My Gov platform Creates Awareness on Ayush solutions for disease prevention

New Delhi: The names of the winners of the national-level Ayush Sanjivani quiz contest on MyGov platform were announced today. The contest was held by the Ministry of AYUSH during May-June 2020.

A total of nine winners were awarded in the three prize-categories. Nisha Tamal was awarded the first prize of Rs. 25,000. The second prize of Rs. 10,000 each was given to three persons Dr. Mrinmayee, Rohit and Himanshu Gupta. The third prize of Rs. 5000 each was given to five persons whose names are Emily Vasantha Manogary, Dr Nidhi Garg, Vedika Gupta, Pooja Goswami, and Anshu Tiwari.

Against the backdrop of Covid 19, the Ayush Sanjivani Quiz created an impact on awareness creation on Ayush solutions that are useful to prevent infections and diseases. Initiated by the Ministry of Ayush, the nationwide quiz contest got tremendous response across the country. The Quiz had the specific objective of promoting the Ayush Sanjivani mobile app, which was used to study the public response to Ayush advisories on preventive steps for Covid 19.

Hosted on the MyGov platform, the quiz contest campaign has given interesting insights. About 45% of the participants fall under the age group of 18-24, which suggests that this segment of the society has taken the most interest in Ayush solutions in the Covid context. The majority of participation has taken place from the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Delhi through the MyGov platform which was backed by social media promotion.

Apart from hosting the contest on MyGov, the Ayush Sanjivani App was also promoted through an effective organic campaign and e-Sampark newsletter. According to the data available, the highest number of participation took place during the commencement of the quiz contest on 23 May 2020. Male participants were in higher numbers compare to female participation. It has been also revealed that the participants’ profile ranges from student to farmer, businessman to homemaker, and to other kinds of category.
To add a little background, Ayush Sanjivani is a mobile app launched by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India during the pandemic. The app has been a notable effort in the field of public health research in India. It studied the impact of AYUSH-based practices listed in the official advisories of the Ministry issued in the pandemic scenario, in improving the health of the public. The said advisories on immunity-enhancement came at the difficult time of the Covid- 19 pandemic and are believed to have helped people to ward off health problems in these difficult days. The Ayush Sanjivani has at its heart a set of questions that aim to assess the impact of the said advisories in the prevention of Covid -19. The participation in the Ayush Sanjivani quiz has helped many to understand the AYUSH systems of healthcare in general, and the solutions in the advisories in particular.