B2V3: Govt public interface program evokes massive response across 106 Panchayats of Reasi

Reasi: The final day of the 2nd round and second day of 3rd round of the ambitious “Back to Village -3 program witnessed massive public participation across 106 Panchayats of the Reasi district.
The visiting officers chaired the special Mahila and Bal Sabhas in which several issues related to women and children were discussed in detail. The visiting officers listened to the grievances projected during the gram sabhas and documented the same and assured that all the demands and issues shall be redressed in a phased manner.
The visiting officers accompanied by PRI members of the Panchayats also inaugurated a number of works including those completed under languishing scheme,14 FC,MGNREGA,B2V2 etc. Grah Pravesh ceremonies were also held on the day in which the visiting officers handed over the keys of the newly constructed houses under PMAY to the beneficiaries.
They also made the masses aware about the Government schemes and asked them to come forward and reap the benefits of the schemes.
All the three days of this unique programme have witnessed a festive look across 106 panchayats of the district and the festival of development has been celebrated with gaiety and immense public participation has been observed in the commencing days.