Baba Ramdev said Ayurvdeic decoction used in Madhya Pradesh yielded very encouraging results to check spread of Corona virus

done commendable work towards effectively checking the spread of Corona virus by increasing the immunity of people through Ayurvedic medicines
Bhopal : Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh has done commendable work towards effectively checking the spread of Corona virus by increasing the immunity of people through Ayurvedic medicines. The Ayurvdeic decoction used in the state has yielded very encouraging results. The successful experiment in Madhya Pradesh will benefit entire world. Pranayam and Ayurvedic medicines are very useful in curbing and treating Corona infection, he added.

Baba held discussions with Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan and all Chief Medical and Health Officers of Madhya Pradesh through video conferencing today. At Mantralaya Health Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra, CS Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, DGP Shri Vivek Johari, ACS Health Shri Mohammad Suleman and Secretary, Ayush Shri M.K. Agrawal were also participated.

Ayurvedic Decoction Distributed to 2 Crore People

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that best possible arrangements have been made in the state to check spread of coronavirus and its treatment. Ayurvedic medicines are being used to boost immunity of people. With the cooperation of Ayush department Trikut Kadha (decoction) has been distributed to about 2 crore people in the state. Health personnel and police personnel engaged in fighting Corona are also being given it. The Chief Minister thanked Baba Ramdev for guiding the health officers about use of Ayurvedic medicines and hoped that use of these medicines and Prayanam will go a long way in winning the war against Corona.

People with Strong Immunity are Safe

Baba Ramdev said that Corona can do no harm to those who have strong immunity. Pranayam and Ayurvedic medicines significantly boost immunity.

Ashvagandha and Giloy Very Useful

Baba said that Ashvgandha and Giloy are very effective in breaking the chain of infection. Use of these medicines on Corona patients has given very good results.

Practice 6 Pranayams Regularly

Baba Ramdev advised that 6 Pranayams namely Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhrmari and Ujjayani should be practiced regularly. Corona patients can also practice them. It gives quick results.

Concoction of Giloy, Tulsi, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger Useful

Baba said that decoction of Giloy, Tulsi, Black Pepper, Turmeric and Ginger should be used daily to improve immunity. Giloy, Ashvaghadha and Anu Oil are also very useful.

Corona Patients Benefited by Arogya Kasayan-20

Secretary, Ayush Shri M.K. Agrawal informed that 04 thousand people kept in quarantine centres and 532 Corona patients have got considerable relief from Aryogya Kasayan-20 of these, 504 patients have returned to their homes after recovery. Teams of experts are conducting research in 07 Ayurvedic hospitals in the state as which medicines are useful in fighting Corona. A research paper has also been prepared on this.

No Illness in Last 40 Years

Baba Rmdev informed that in last 40 years has never fallen ill. Whenever he feels not well he consumes concoction and Giloy. He also practices Pranayams regularly.

Answers Queries of CMHOs

Baba held discussion on treatment of Corona with the CMHOs. The officers informed Baba how they are using the medicines and Pranayam in their respective districts to boost immunity of people. He also answered their queries.