Bada Business becomes the First Southeast Asian Company to win 6 Guinness World Records titles

New Delhi: Indian-born Ed-tech start-up Bada Business, today announced to have set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Most live viewers of a leadership lesson video on YouTube in association with ISKCON. The video was a livestreaming webinar on ‘Business Yoga with Bhagavad Gita’, conducted on 20th June, by Vivek Bindra – eminent motivational speaker, business coach and Founder & CEO of Bada Business. A total of 155,449 viewers streamed the event live, which is a whopping 100 times more than the earlier world record for this category. With this win, Bada Business becomes the first Southeast Asian company to be bestowed with six consecutive Guinness World Records achievements, within a span of less than two years.

Key Highlights
Views 2,971,439
Reach 27.1 Mn
Total Messages 186,919
Total Peak Concurrent Viewers 155,449 (More than 100 times of the last record set at 1,500)
Total Hours 664,040

The live webinar saw a participation of about 500,000 youngsters from India alone. The uploaded event video has received over 2.8 Mn views till date. It has garnered about 200,000 likes, and several thousands of viewers expressed their gratitude to ISKCON and Bada Business for the webinar. Covid-19 scenario has not only caused widespread trauma and anxiety regarding physical health and well-being, but has also cast dark clouds over future vocational prospects of millions of youngsters, making them stressed and anxious. Hence the program was designed and aimed to provide inspiration to youngsters, through learnings from Gita, and also to inspire them to be self-reliant by initiating new businesses in their vicinity.

Commenting on this achievement, Dr.Vivek Bindra, Founder & CEO, Bada Business said, “At Bada Business, our focus has always been at reaching the last mile aspiring Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Wantepreneurs to help inculcate a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Business Yoga with Bhagavad Gita stemmed from the same vision and aimed at imparting scientific and practical wisdom, extrapolated from the shlokas of Bhagawad Gita, to help youngsters solve day-to-day life and business challenges. Hence it is all the more delightful for us to be awarded from the prestigious Guinness World Records for the same; this makes it our 6th consecutive win, in a span of less than 2 years. We also want to extend our gratitude to our constant partner ISKCON, for making this webinar possible.

Congratulating Bada Business’ team on this occasion National Communication Director of ISKCON, Yudhistar Govind Das said, We are proud to have partnered with Bada Business for this initiative. The seminar was incredibly enthralling due to Dr Bindra’s command over both the subjects, Bhagavad Gita and Business Leadership Skills. He quoted shlokas from Bhagavad GIta, reciting it in the perfect meter, and then shared its word-to-word explanation, based on day-to-day life and business challenges. The meaning were underlined with Management and Leadership principles. No wonder, the huge turn-out of the audience, and each one hooked to their screens for the complete duration of the event. We wish Dr. Bindra more such wins ahead.”

The Webinar was organized on the occasion of the 125th Birth Anniversary of ISKCON Founder, His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupad. ISKCON since its foundation in 1966, has been dedicated to the work of sharing India’s ancient wisdom and culture with an aim to check imbalance of values and promote unity and peace all over the world. Its efforts to educate and train youth in living a more productive and wholesome life were recognized by the US civic agencies dealing with widespread drug addiction prevalent there during the 1960s-70s.

Prior to this, Bada Business has garnered 5 Guinness World Records titles to its name; Largest online business lesson (April 24 2020); Largest online sales lesson (May 31 2020); Most viewers for the premiere of a strategic management video on YouTube (June 27 2020); Most viewers for the premiere of a start-up business management video on YouTube (Aug 15 2020) and Most live viewers of a retail management lesson video on YouTube (Sept 27 2020). The company has grown phenomenally in recent months, reaching 1lakh paid subscribers on its app platform.

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