Baibhav Agarwal; Author; The Cost of Ambition receives the prestigious Kalinga Literary Youth Award 2017 (Special Citation)

Bhubaneswar: Baibhav Agarwal; Author; The Cost of Ambition receives the prestigious Kalinga Literary Youth Award 2017 (Special Citation); now in its 4th year. The Kolkata based entrepreneur said, ‘There is a price you need to pay for everything. I paid for pursuing my dreams too. I’m glad that the book has received global acclaim and is gaining recognition; it being my first stint at writing.’ The highly coveted award was conferred onto him by the ace writer-author Anand Neelakantan; The Rise of Sivagami; Book 1 of Baahubali – Before the Beginning, who was also at the festival to receive an award.

About Baibhav Agarwal :

At twenty-nine, when most of us are trying to fit in the corporate milieu, trying to defy this world which is in a flux, Baibhav Agrawal shines from a distant horizon, steady on his feet. Baibhav, a Chartered Accountant par excellence is seen ably managing an empire of conglomerates. A youth icon in the making, Baibhav dared to dream and soared high like an Eagle, taking the world in his stride.

Success came early to Baibhav, who meticulously and industriously chalked out his plan; to make a difference in the society by becoming a social entrepreneur. His passion to excel combined with his value systems ensured that he was here to stay; an indelible mark in this fast-fading world. ‘I look at productivity each hour and hence, I have a firm and dedicated time-management system. I compartmentalize my weeks into number of hours and then divide them into various verticals, i.e. – Social, Personal, Work and Society’. This is his mantra that time needs to be valued.

Born into a family of Chartered Accountants, It is noteworthy that he leveraged his limited means and modest family background into creating and curating a magnificent empire in the making.

A Calcuttan at heart, the intelligentsia bug bit him in his formative days, with Baibhav aspiring to become an author. A go-getter, his maiden book, tiled ‘The Cost of Ambition’ provides an insight into his life and his pining for scaling up against all odds. A graduate from St. Xavier’s College; Kolkata, Baibhav crafted his dream by launching a consultancy and mentoring house in 2007. The year 2010 witnessed him joining his family business; the venerated CA firm. A stickler for innovation and expansion, the visionary in him prompted him to lay the foundation for coal and energy trading organizations. By 2012, he had commenced a shipping Company which was soon followed by mining operations. The same year, an industrious Baibhav was also seen purchasing cotton farms in Ethiopia; Africa.

If International and heavy industries didn’t fuel his passion enough, he forayed into real-estate in 2014, adding to the cityscape. 2015, he decided to venture in a start-up. Baibhav today is a globe-trotter, having offices at Singapore, Dubai and the United Kingdom. With an iron-fist and the soul of a seeker, he keeps an eagle eye on the transpiring of his global corporate kingdom. Solace for him is in the hours he dedicates to his Trust – Dor; Rukmini Devi Shivchandram Foundation, after his grand-parents. As people say, when passion meets perfection, master-pieces are born … so is the epitome of excellence, Baibhav himself. After all, one who draws inspiration from legends and stalwarts like Ratan Tata and Elon Musk, cannot be an ordinary man with average life goals! Can he?