Balance for better driving the diversity at HCL

New Delhi: At HCL, we view Diversity as a ‘Differentiator’ – which is a representative of diversity in beliefs, behaviours and skills within the organization. Our workforce represents the culmination of 140+ nationalities coming from many of the countries we do business in – where all work together to build a culture that respects inclusion.

HCL’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy focuses on Talent Attraction, Talent Retention and Talent Growth. These 3 strategies work in tandem to ensure a unified experience in promoting gender diversity, cultural diversity and inclusivity across the enterprise.

There are programs that have also been launched for mid-level women leaders with an objective to mentor them for their ‘next level roles’ to create a ready pool of talent for existing open positions within the organization. Another unique offering is a program that focuses on ‘upward conversations’ which encompasses a structured space, time and content for an engaging interaction between the employee and her Reporting / Skip level Manager. In addition, there is also an exclusive intervention for senior women hires who join HCL enabling them to settle into the eco system of the organization seamlessly along with specific metrics for the leadership to improve gender diversity at all levels.

The significance of diversity for HCL business & growth is evident from the high focus this derives from its leaders and employees alike. We believe that diversity will increasingly be a driving force of competitive businesses, now and into the foreseeable future.

HCL Technologies organized an event titled as ‘Forging a Balance for Better’ – an interactive session encompassing a range of topics like health, financial management and investment the HCL Tech SEZ, Sector 126, Noida.

There has been a panel discussion on diversity and striking a balance between the roles of men and women on today’s world. The panel was comprised of senior HCL Officials along with Dr. Mahima Bakshi, a renowned wellness consultant and specialist in Women and Child/ Adolescent Health who graced the occasion as the keynote speaker.

In her address, Dr. Mahima Bakshi, said, “A balanced lifestyle would essentially mean maintaining a balance between your own self and your surroundings, be it your family life, your work place or social life. One must invest time him or herself, exercise regularly, sleep properly and eat right. Music therapy and aroma therapy also helps in calming down the mind.”

This sentiment was echoed in the speeches of all other panellists, as they felt a healthy mind lives in healthy body. They stressed on the fact that inclusivity from all aspects as the key towards maintaining a balance in one’s lifestyle. The panellists shared their individual experiences and real-life accounts on how gender neutrality and a balanced approach helped them grow as individuals as well as professionals, which is a basic tenet of HCL Technologies.

Besides, HCL Foundation – the CSR Arm of HCL Technologies also facilitated an evidence sharing session on ‘My Worth’ organized by MAMTA and launched a training programme for Women Masons in SNG Mela, that was organized by Gapsham and Efrah.