Bansal Learning Private Limited ( BLPL ) – a Delhi based EdTech Company has raised $10 Million from a Dubai based Businessman.

New Delhi: This round of funding will be used for scaling up its K-12 product ( Bansal i-Tab ) , offering to Engineering & Medical Entrance exams and speed expansion into newer markets across India. Target of company will be to capture 60% market share of online education market , in next three years.
Currently Bansal Learning offers off-line coaching through 20+ Centres , for IIT-JEE and NEET Entrance Coaching in India , Dubai & Nepal. Bansal Learning was founded by Engineer Swati Bansal . The company had earlier raised an angel round of funding from Mr. Anil Kishore – a Delhi (India ) Based Businessman.
Bansal i-Tab connects professors and students by providing live and recorded lectures through online video streaming. This facility is enabling better access and learning possibilities for students and a wider reach for professors. The platform is powered by technology allowing live transmission of HD quality videos at low bandwidth. It is an online live or recorded video delivery solution that brings classrooms of popular professors for competitive exams, so that students can attend their classes anywhere, anytime.
More than 30,000 students have taken coaching from BLPL and the company has partnered with the most popular professors from Delhi & Kota for various competitive exams.
Speaking on the occasion, Swati Bansal, Director of BLPL , said,
“Bansal i-Tab matlab pass hone ki Guarantee “ with good marks else money back”. “Content is King” and we make sure that it should be easy to understand & learn , in their local language.

We are looking for Next Round of Funding to raise another $ 50 Million , for Business Expansion in US, UK , Australia , China etc.
The investors believe BANSAL LEARNING provides a unique combination of effective classroom training and proprietary world-class technology. The belief is that this platform will scale rapidly through the online delivery model and will give tough fight to other competitors like Byjus , Extramarks etc.