BeatO collaborates with OMRON Healthcare India to foray into remote hypertension management

Mumbai: India’s leading digital care ecosystem for chronic disease management, BeatO –today announced collaboration with OMRON Healthcare India – the market leader in digital BP monitor segment as a part of expanding its footprint in the remote management of lifestyle-related chronic conditions associated with hypertension.

The partnership entails connection of OMRON BP Monitors in the BeatO App ecosystem allowing users to gain real-time advice and more informed management on the steps to manage blood pressure control based on the patient’s readings and trends. Supported with BeatO’s team of 25 specialist doctors and Health Coaches, the remote and virtual management on the BeatO App will enable seamless & real time support on nutrition, lifestyle and medicine adherence for patients based on their blood pressure readings and trends. OMRON, as “Most recommended brand by doctors” and also world’s No 1 BP Monitoring device manufacturer has sold more than 200 million units globally. OMRON offers advanced digital BP Monitors, fitted with patented technologies like IntelliSense, IntelliWrap and connectivity with smart phones, ensuring accuracy and ease in communication which are the most important requisites for a device to be integrated in a remote patient monitoring system, especially in the new normal created by COVID. This service will also be integrated into BeatO’s subscription plans that involve medicine deliveries, insurance and diagnostics making it an end-to-end solution just like the existing service of BeatO to manage diabetes.

BeatO’s AI triaging system, HealthNeuronTM along with its Digital Care Ecosystem have already proven to be successful in helping people with Diabetes manage their blood-sugar levels, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Riding on that success, BeatO is extending the same digital care concept to people with high blood pressure. BeatO already has 120,000 active users with Diabetes on their platform, and 60% of them have hypertension as well.

Commenting on the partnership, Gautam Chopra, Co-founder & CEO, BeatO said “With this partnership, BeatO members will be able to monitor their blood pressure readings and receive personalized insights and real time support. Expanding the BeatO app ecosystem to hypertension allows us to now become a truly whole person platform and empower our members with more tools.”

OMRON Healthcare India MD, Mr. Masanori Matsubara added, “The association will not only help in reducing the in-hospital risks of COVID spread but will also help in giving a push to the adoption of digital BP monitors amongst the masses. We have been making rapid strides in the field of remote monitoring and this is one more step ahead. Also, the partnership will surely help OMRON Healthcare in India to make progress towards its vision of ‘ZERO HEART ATTACKS and ZERO BRAIN STROKES’ by making people realize the importance of preventive healthcare management including timely and accurate blood pressure monitoring.”

There are over 230 million people in India suffering from high blood pressure, and about 70 million coping with diabetes and these two conditions combined are the major causes of macrovascular and microvascular conditions which affect blood circulation to the heart, brain and other parts of the body. Further, the significant overlap between Diabetes and Hypertension make situations worse for those managing both conditions.

With COVID restricting the visits to hospitals & clinic, an end-to-end preventive and personal remote healthcare management system is the need of the hour to manage these lifestyle conditions not only impacting the affected people but also adding to the economic burden of a country.

BeatO combines cost-effective hardware with the BeatO app to support end-to-end management for their users. Powered by AI, BeatO provides actionable insights to users along with a complete solution of all daily needs of the user, ranging from monitoring, consultation with doctors and nutritionists, scheduling medication deliveries, insurance and diagnostics along with specially curated food.