BeatO introduces a unique Comprehensive Diabetes Care Plan

Mumbai: BeatO – India’s largest digital ecosystem for diabetes care and management – announced the launch of its ‘Diabetes TOTAL’ monthly subscription plan.

This is a holistic plan that provides a person with diabetes an affordable hospitalization insurance cover and significant savings on all their recurring medical expenses. The plan combines this with unlimited access to BeatO’s diabetes monitoring and management system that drives intervention through top diabetologists and other specialist doctors. It also rewards users who comply and manage their blood glucose levels by providing discounts on their subscription costs.

India is considered as a global epicenter of this lifestyle-linked ailment, more than 74 million adults are estimated to have diabetes. As per the National Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy Survey by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, diabetes prevalence in India is 11.8%. While such statistics are worrying, the bigger worry – almost 70% of people with the ailment have uncontrolled diabetes.

Typically, diabetics spend around Rs 30,000 per annum only on managing diabetes- this includes buying blood glucose strips, medication expenses, doctor consultations, lab tests, physical examinations, and diet planning. Additionally, a hospitalization cover is extremely important for a person with diabetes considering the chances of future health complications. However, expensive premiums, extensive medical tests or disqualification due to pre-existing ailments mean a large number of people avoid buying health insurance or are not sufficiently covered.

Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic and the higher complication risks for people with diabetes; not having insurance can cause a lot of stress. Additionally, hospitalization, even from non-diabetes related complications, can incur high treatment costs. Reports indicate that India ranks among the world’s least-insured nations, with a 20% health insurance penetration rate. For a diabetic especially, lack of insurance can inflate their financial burden and perhaps even mean inadequate medical care.

Addressing the problem, BeatO presents a holistic plan-specially for people with diabetes, which has a three-pronged approach of providing affordable hospitalization coverage, huge savings on diabetes-related expenses, and a detailed diabetes management program.

The plan is very affordable and easy to obtain compared to any other solution, with monthly subscription fees starting at just Rs. 999/month. Each member receives the following benefits:

· Rs. 5 lakhs Hospitalization Cover with cashless claims via a network of 7,000 plus hospitals

· BeatO’s smart sugar monitoring kit and unlimited test strips

· BeatO’s AI-driven nudging and triaging system

· Unlimited Video Consultations with Top endocrinologists/diabetologists and other specialists

· Monthly Nutritional Therapy and Support (customised diet and exercise plan based on an individual’s goals)

· Medicines at FLAT 20% Off; Lab Tests up to 75% Off; Physical Exams up to 40% Off

· Health Concierge Service

Elaborating on the launch, Gautam Chopra, CEO – BeatO, said, “Understanding the pressing need for people with diabetes to receive appropriate protection against unforeseen health risks, BeatO has integrated a comprehensive Health Insurance Cover in combination with our digital care and management ecosystem that helps a person with Diabetes improve their health and save up to Rs 20,000 per annum on their healthcare expenses.

By helping people manage their diabetes via virtual care, education, support, incentives and rewards, we are creating value for patients as well as our industry and society at large. Working with innovative industry leaders in the insurance sector will provide access to this first-of-a-kind offering for people living with diabetes. Such bespoke solutions can help people lead a stress-free life and take decisions that are good for their health without having to worry about finances.”

Within a short span, BeatO has emerged as a leading platform for chronic illness management in India, with more than 100,000 users, adding about 8,000-10,000 users per month. Currently, BeatO benefits users in 1,500 cities across India. The latest Diabetes TOTAL plan is now available to customers.

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