Beautiful Minds Hosts Tri Nation Online Children’s Workshop

Bhubaneswar : Beautiful Minds Youth mentoring Foundation recently hosted an online International children’s workshop. Students from USA, Canada and India participated in this interactive webinar entitled, “This is My Life”. The Session has been divided into three segments namely Morning routine, Day time activities and Evening Schedule. The Founder President of the Beautiful Minds Suchismita Panda conducted and co –ordinated the whole webinar. Established in this year at Chicago, Beautiful minds has been engaged in grooming the youths of Odisha into full fledged human beings and World class citizen.

Presenting Introductory remarks the co – founder of Beautiful Minds Nishant Sadhangi underlined that the sole goal of their Foundation is to train the underprivileged and marginalised kids, teens and youths of Odisha to become future Global leaders. Extending a warm welcome to young participants President Smt Suchismita Panda advised them to lead a life based on truthfulness, honesty, sincerity, transparency having a positive and constructive mindset. Broadening of horizon unitedly with a caring and sharing approach amongst each other should be their ultimate motto, she added. The Beautiful Minds has been designed to promote lifelong learning process and create perpetual hunger for knowledge, which is precious, Smt Panda explained.

Addressing the Convention, Noted educationist Rabindra Nath Parhi, informed about the availability of unending possibilities unleashed by Almighty before the little brothers and sisters and appealed them to take full advantage of the God gifted opportunities by continuously strengthening their thought and learning process.

The children in their three hours long detailed deliberations mainly dwelled on daily experiences, current living style, sweared mission cum vision, golden dreams for future and their commitment to make life worthy, meaningful and successful.

At the outset Sushreeya Debi Mishra from Chicago gave a broad outline about the theme, ‘This is My Life’. After that Naihara Rout, Priyanka Das, Debanshi Dey, Miska Hota, Aayan Patnaik, Swadha Garnaik, Sneha Adhikari, Aanya Patnaik and Prisha Panda from USA, Adyesha Singhdeo, Arushi Singhdeo, Sarankshi Duvuri, Anushka Biswal from Canada, Tanushree Bhujabal, Anvi Adrika, Barsha Swain, Silpitanya Pradhan, Kamiya Shubhdarshini Jena, Sailashree Behera, Shradha Sanjibani, Sunil Kumar Sahoo and Abhishek Sahoo from India participated in the Brainstorming Marathon discussion.

Students of Odisha origin settled in America informed that they still retained their attachment towards Odisha’s language, Culture, Festivals, cuisine and attire. They have been celebrating Rath Yatra, Ganesh Chaturthi and Satyanarayan Puja with pomp and splendour, they added. Alongwith American delicacies their regular household food menus also consist of traditional Odia culinary items like Dal, Chapati, Rice, Bharta, Bhaji, Water Rice, Chhenapoda and Rasgola, they elaborated. Canadian children mentioned about their love for Odia stuffs like Chakuli Pitha and Chuda Bhaja. Pupils from India described in depth the magnitude of Festivities during Mass Celebrations of Raja, Nuakhai, Dashahara and Rath Yatra.

The subject matters of open house debate session include Voluntary works, weather, pet animals, transport system, marriage and sacred thread ceremonies and Independence Day celebration of America on 4th July. The Indian Students were quite amused to know that there was no school uniforms in U.S.A.

Sangita Tripathy very well managed the synchronisation in presentations by the children on digital platform. The invited Guests during the occasion include Dr. Bikram Keshari Jena, Dr. Amita Patra, Sanghmitra Singh, Anuradha Mohapatra, Gargee Patnaik and Padmja Nandini Sahoo.