Bengaluru to host India’s first Indian Language based Hackathon for Digital Equality: RevHack 2020

Bengaluru: Reverie Language Technologies, leaders in comprehensive full-stack Indic language localization and user engagement solutions and NASSCOM will be co-hosting #RevHack, India’s first Indian language-based hackathon. On Saturday, January 18, over 200 participants will be battling it out to build solutions to drive “Language Equality on the Indian Internet.”

RevHack has drawn participation from experts and enthusiasts who aim to build multilingual tech solutions for Indic language first Indians. Themed around creating an ecosystem for solving problems in digital Indian language space, the participants will be using technology to build and deliver a functional prototype that solves the problems in Indic language content creation and localization. The participants will have access to Reverie’s language APIs – Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech, and Neural Machine Translation.

Vertical-wide API use cases

API Industry Use cases
Speech to Text ASR Banking Phone Banking, ATM cash withdrawal, Mobile finance
Payment Apps Payment of utility bills, grocery shopping, buying train tickets etc.
Health care Booking appointments, getting reminders, health monitors, personal assistant healthcare apps
Transport Interactive kiosks, mobile apps, GPS devices
Text-to-speech Accessibility Speech-enabled website, digital talking books, communication devices for speech-enabled people
Banking and Finance Stock market notification, phone banking, mobile finance
Entertainment Mobile Gaming, game consoles, set-top box, Smart TVs, smart toys
Health care Dial-in pharmacy, medical devices, health monitors
Learning e-learning, language learning, Mobile learning, simulation training
Public safety Emergency alerts, PA systems
Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Several Translation, Text-to-speech applications, ASR

India has a literacy rate of 69.1% and only .01% of Indic content is available on the internet for consumption. While there will be 536 million language first digital users in India by 2021, there still is a long way to go for achieving “Language Equality on the internet”. With the first edition of #RevHack we look forward to inspiring coders, developers, and the student community to create innovative Indic language technology-based solutions so that the internet can be truly accessible for all. Our regional language users can progress beyond browsing and India can realize the potential of the next 500 million users.”, comments Arvind Pani, CEO and Co-founder of Reverie Language Technologies.