Bengaluru witnesses’ latest trends in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

New Delhi: There is an emerging need for AI & ML professionals in the industry. The amount of data generated is unprecedented and this highlights the high demand for these professionals. DataHack Summit 2019 by Analytics Vidhya, India’s largest Conference on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, started in Bengaluru today to highlight the latest trends, state of the art developments and machine learning frameworks to democratize AI for everyone.

The summit has been a strategic platform for industries and technologies worldwide to understand and leverage the latest innovations and the impact they have on our businesses and daily lives.

The first day of the conference witnessed 20+ sessions by leading AI experts like Eric Weber (ListReports), Mathangi Sri(PhonePe), Ujjyaini Mitra (Zee5), Dr. Vikas Agrawal(Oracle Analytics Cloud), Abhishek Khanna, Jayatu Sen Chaudhury (American Express) et al. including 8 live hack sessions by Sudalai Rajkumar (, Axel de Romblay (Dailymotion), Krupal Modi (Haptik) et al.

Also, there was a panel discussion involving top industry leaders in AI discussing that despite increased interest in and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the enterprise, 85% of AI projects ultimately fail to deliver on their intended promises to business
The panel had Kunal Jain (Analytics Vidhya), Dr. Om Deshmukh (Yodlee), Avi Patchava(Bright Money), Eric Weber(List Report) and Tarry Singh (,

Commenting at the event, Mr Kunal Jain, Founder & CEO (Analytics Vidhya) said, “It’s exciting to see more than 1000 passionate data science professionals from diverse industries and domains (more than 500 organizations) coming together and building a vibrant Data Science ecosystem in India. Think of this group as a think tank powering hundreds of banks, every eCommerce player and travel portal in the country building algorithms to improve customer experience and deliver business value.”

“We are delighted by the amazing response from the community and would like to thank our every industry partner for helping us take the ecosystem to the next level.”, he further adds.

Eric Weber, Senior Director and the head of Data Science & Strategic Development at List Reports said “It is incredible to see the pace of change and innovation in data science in India and DataHack is a foundational part of driving this change. There is no other conference like it and it will continue to play a key role in data science’s development across the country.”

Tarry Singh, Chairman & CEO at and said “Heralding the Industrial revolution 4.0, technology is disrupting the core of existing businesses and the lives of the people. The convenience and leisure that technology provides consumers and industry adapt accordingly. We have seen in India has a major advantage over the countries due to its vibrant tech related ecosystem and the model is flexible allowing different verticals to exist together.”