Bengaluru’s designers give solutions toward sustainable development at Design Beat

Bengaluru: Social Beat – one of India’s top digital marketing solutions companies hosted the second edition of ‘Design Beat,’ a platform for creative minds to connect and ideate for social good. This edition saw creative enthusiasts, design professionals, and problem-solvers from start-ups and agencies taking part. They came up with out-of-the-box yet implementable solutions.

The aim was to connect and amplify the efforts of budding and upcoming designers and creative thinkers to put their designing, problem-solving and creative thinking abilities to good use, bearing social and behavioural change in mind.

With the global population increasing rapidly, the need for sustainable environments has increased too. In India, several cities have already started implementing sustainable solutions through the smart city initiative. In September 2015 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is based on the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’.

The judges for this event were Miriam Macwana, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Assetz Property Group and Ankita Sarangi, Growth Marketing Manager, Ola Money.

The participants who attended had to pick one of the 17 goals and were asked to come up with innovative design solutions. Solutions were presented as digital campaigns, games, video ads and more. Most participants were mostly designers and students of design.

“It was great to see creativity being expressed by people in their own respects. All participants showed very good involvement. This is a very good initiative by Social Beat,“ said Miriam Macwana, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, Assetz Property Group.

“Glad to see people take their time out and think about ideas on sustainable development on a Saturday, said Ankita Sarangi, Growth Marketing Manager, Ola Money.

Anshul Patria, professional graphic designer got the first place for his digital campaign #ISupportSolar. His presentation included instagram stickers and posts across platforms where people showcased themselves using solar power.

The second and third places went to Meenakshi Jain and Shahina Mazumdra for their ideas on reduction of phone addiction for Good health and wellbeing and improvement of life below water.

Anshul Patria said, “This is a very interesting initiative. This is a good platform for us to meet and network with like-minded people”

Abhipsa Sadangi said, “It was a one-of-a-kind experience. As a student of design, observing all the presentations was enthralling.”

“The participants were a mix of designers and students of design. The solutions presented were well thought of. Each of the solutions provided can be amplified and have the scope to help the UN achieve their goals towards sustainable development,” said Purushotaman K, Head of Design, Social Beat.

“Seeing this turnout here shows Bengaluru’s enthusiasm towards design. It is Design Beat’s vision to build a community of designers. After hosting successful events in Chennai and Bengaluru, we can’t wait to cover more cities,” said Panisa Shah, Creative Head, Social Beat.