Best long-lasting & budget-friendly air-conditioners to beat the summer heat

New Delhi: Combating burning heat and unbearable humidity sometimes exceeds the limit of tolerance. But being a middle class investing on a high range air conditioner at times can touch the zenith of impossibility. However, good news has finally arrived that impeccable collates a middle class’s need through availing some of the best budget friendly air conditioners.


Here’s a list of affordable air conditioners with efficient impact factors that have finally managed to be the game changer for this summer.You may hassle-freely buy any of these using discount coupons that will leave you breathless! For example,  you can manage to redeem at least 50% on all summer appliances from top brands such as LG, Samsung, Panasonic etc using Vijay sales coupons or get a maximum 95% discount on Amazon electronic sale. The same is enacted while purchasing an air conditioner as well.


Therefore, let’s quickly consider a smart ride on top of these six air conditioners which have already been marked as best sellers.


Top 6 air conditioners that you must buy in 2021

You must be familiar with variable storage capacities of air conditioners along with variable performance. However, these top seven air conditioners although vary in sizes but in terms of performance, all these align more or less around the same scale.


  1. Voltas 1.5 ton 3 star split Ac

This silver copper air conditioner is a rigorous creation of Voltas is of huge space and perfect for those who are looking for an affordable version analogous to an inverted model. It’s huge storage capacity is perfect to expel cooling effets into a medium to big room. It’s noise proof and environment friendly. Out of few striking features new are the antibacterial air filtration layer, auto regulation power along with slip mode and in-built engineered LED display with an overall machines warranty of 5 years.


Therefore, those who are looking for a smart buy within Rs. 30,000, this is a smart buy for them. And if you can gear up your budget a little higher you can also it’s sister model Voltas 1.5 3 star inverter split AC, available at Rs. 33,460 at Flipkart.

  1. Panasonic 1.5 ton 3 star split inverter smart AC with 2.5 PM air filtration

This is one of the latest models which is equipped with some of the latest features like being connected with wi-fi, or having a potency to deter both humid cooling as well 2.5 PM suspended air particle to wheel into the room. It can spaciously cooled a room of 150 sq ft. The twin cool inverter is enough to turn the mercury down very quickly. Moreover with a lower power consumption habit that is 1056.45W makes it an absolute choice as an enduring gadget which embeds a 10 years product warranty. Using Flipkart coupons you can easily book this model at just Rs. 34,990 against the original price Rs. 50, 500.


  1. Samsung 1 ton 4 star split inverter Ac

Another popular brand in the rat race of best AC’s is Samsung without a second thought. And this model which is run by a copper condenser is a new addition to the list. With a potency of cooling a 250 to 350 sq ft area this fast cool, auto regulated AC is just perfect for a budget purchase. Some other notable features include fan controlling features along with remote controlled operating power supported by 2 AAA batteries.


You can easily purchase this one using a big gadget sale coupon. Such as at Flipkart you may get under Rs. 30,000 where as using Tata Cliq coupons you may redeem Rs. 1500 off.


  1. Blue Star 1.2 ton 3 star inverter AC

While purchasing a large appliance especially for water purification machines Blue Star is a popular name. However, it’s air conditioning machines as well won’t make you upset, rather you will get a chance to redeem best benefits under an affordable price.


The main features that push this model in the hype of demand are energy efficient that are controlled by a rotary compressor and producing cooling effect at 4160W. It’s also auto regulated and imbibed all modern features that should be there for a modern AC purchase. Moreover there is a 10 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on the condenser. Hence, if you want an AC under Rs. 35,000 this one is a must buy.


  1. Godrej 1.25 split 3 star inverter AC

Godrej 1.25 split AC is manufactured with a copper condensed processor with a R32 refrigerant that is enough to cool your room in an eco-friendly way. It’s also energy efficient and auto regulated. With the help of HYDROPHILIC fins it keeps your room antifungal and humid free. Best part of any Godrej product is it’s warranty scheme which is no less than 10 years. Thus if you can afford up to Rs.30,000 this one.


6. Lloyd 1 ton 3 star split AC

Most affordable yet surfeited with most efficient features which can be grabbed within a range of Rs. 26000 using both Amazon and Flipkart coupons. Exclusive features include being operated by fan mode, cool mode and turbo mode. Moreover, it is very energy efficient and has 2 way swing, hidden LED display and can cool down to minus 48 degrees. With a motor warranty for 5 years and 1 year on condenser this is a perfect budget for each middle class.


With these tiny descriptions of top six affordable air conditioners, I hope you all find it very worthy. In order to snap exclusive discounts you may head out at several coupon affiliated pages and take the best deal. Let the mercury of your house drop down under a comfortable range and enjoy the chilled feeling.

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