Best teaching technique during pandemic helps BHIS teacher win ISA 2021 Rising You Award

Mumbai: A 34-year-old Neha Punshi, Billabong High International School, (BHIS) teacher has won the ‘ISA 2021 Rising You’, award on 12th October. She has been awarded for using the best teaching technique method for English literature and language subjects for her students.


Neha participated in the ISA competition last year in November in which she presented her work and how she was awarded as the best teacher for teaching her subjects creatively and in a fun method to her students. Neha made online classes fun-filled and interactive by using stick puppets, soft toys and making imaginary land in the language (each language topic was converted into a continent and different countries), that helped the students grasp the concept very well. She also contributed to the subject by conducting interesting quizzes and games based on some topics. Seeing her making puppets, lots of children made their own set of puppets for their reader Charlie and the chocolate factory.


Neha Punshi, a BHIS Teacher, said, “I believe it’s not the years you give to your profession, what you give is your ideas, your belief and your passion to do something extraordinary.” I take this opportunity to thank my school for all the support and encouragement they have provided to me to explore my teaching field during this pandemic. Our principal Ma’am Dr Madhu Singh’s guidance and faith in me has helped me achieve this award. A Teachers’ responsibility never stops whatever situation it may be.”


Dr Madhu Singh, Principal, BHIS, Malad, said, “Our teachers are our strength. The tireless job and unconditional love for their students have helped us in many ways during the pandemic. Apart from teaching, she has also choreographed annual concerts since 2017. She has not just been an educator but a facilitator. She has secured full marks in the exam conducted by Cambridge for the teachers recently. We are proud to have such teachers in our Billabong family.”


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