Beyond 8 opens its first Centre in Bengaluru

- Following the success of two centres in Chennai, Beyond 8 opens its doors in Bengaluru - Welcomes children and parents to explore the concept of liberal education

New Delhi – Beyond 8, providers of liberal education beyond 8th grade in India, launch their first Centre in Bengaluru at Shanders Enclave, Electronic City phase 2. Liberal education is getting increasing acceptance in India. Within two years of its inception, Beyond 8 has expanded to two metro cities in India. Following the recent launch of their second Centre in Chennai, Beyond 8 is now open to Bengalureans who want to consider liberal education for their children. In Chennai, Beyond 8 has centres in Muttukadu, Sholinganallur and Palavakkam.

Owing to a growing base of learners that are disenthralled by traditional schooling coupled with a successful model of hybrid learning offered, Beyond 8 is establishing its place as one of the frontrunners in liberal education in India. The benefits of a learner-focused education are appealing to parents and children alike.

The new and exclusive academic centre will offer high school learners a transformative pathway to pursue the best collegiate liberal education in India & abroad.

Naveen Mahesh, Co-founder, Beyond 8 says, “As we chart our journey towards becoming preferred providers of liberal education beyond 8th grade in India, we have seen a growing subset of learners inclining towards the prospect of agency and self-determination. In line with our own vision, the future will belong to global citizens who are equipped with essential 21st century skills.”

Raaji Naveen, Co-founder, Beyond 8 says, “We are re-imagining education by listening to our learners’ voices and putting them in charge of their own learning journeys. Through structured, rigorous, organised and yet personalised academic schedules, we offer them a glimpse into the many directions their lives can go and the excellent opportunities that lie ahead of them. This reduces the pressure that learners feel when they are a part of stifling and one-size-fits-all conventional schooling systems”

Maya Menon, Founder-Director The Teacher Foundation says, “Beyond 8’s educational offerings are very relevant to educate and nurture children with different interests and gifts. Why do all high schoolers have to go through 3-4 predetermined curricular streams when the whole world is a wide open canvas for learning? With work and life priorities increasingly fluid, the old rules and norms of studying, working and living are completely outdated. Our young people need to hone their skills to learn, unlearn and steer their own paths. This calls for a personalised set of skills that formal schools don’t have the capacity to cultivate. Here’s where Beyond 8 steps in, envisioned by a team of extraordinary, thoughtful energetic and caring educators.

Beyond 8 is now accepting enrolments for the Bengaluru Centre. Visit the official website ( for more details.