Bhartiya City Launches 21st Century Digitally Equipped Chaman Bhartiya School

Bengaluru: Bhartiya City launches a new age K12 private educational institution Chaman Bhartiya School in Bhartiya City Township, North Bengaluru, Karnataka. In its first academic year, starting June 2020, the school will offer admission from Pre-school to Grade V. Amalgamation of international and national curricula, the WE LEAD curriculum of Chaman Bhartiya School will use project, personalised and play-based learning for its students. With its intrinsic approach, the school will cater to the learner’s cognitive, intellectual, aesthetic, creative, physical, and socio-emotional development.

Apart from strong collaborative partnerships with LEGO, Apple and Global Schools Alliance, a key differentiator for Chaman Bhartiya School is its unique ‘WE LEAD’ curriculum which merges academic excellence with the development of leadership skills and 21st-century competencies. It strives to build these competencies and skills in every child and enables them to live and work in an environment that may be vastly different from current times. The curriculum of the school will be integrated into the national and international curricula and is exclusively designed to nurture students.

The WE LEAD curriculum has been envisioned by renowned international educator Allan Andersen from Denmark, founder of the famous Orestad High School, Copenhagen, Denmark, which is considered to be among the top 15 innovative schools globally.

Commenting on the launch of the school, Allan Andersen, Director of Chaman Bhartiya School shares, “We are an ambitious school with a strong focus on academic excellence, leadership, and 21st-century competencies. We believe that all children can be leaders given the right environment, tools, and support. We have amalgamated the best Indian and Scandinavian practices to ensure that our students receive a holistic education. We want to move away from rote learning and encourage real-life project-based learning to ensure deeper understanding and skill to apply in real life. Our membership with the Global Schools Alliance will also help the students form a global outlook while forming worldwide connections.”

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