BHIS launches user-friendly online admissions amidst lockdown

· Online admission helps in following safety protocols in pandemic

· BHIS follows Integrated & Holistic Virtual Schooling and Ensure Children Continue Their Journey Of Learning Even During Lockdown

· BHIS ready for resumption with BVQI safe certification

Billabong High International School (BHIS), India’s leading network of premium K-12 schools with 35 schools pan India announced online admissions for the academic year 2021-2022. Ensuring learning is not locked down, the BHIS virtual schooling program will continue seamless delivery of academics, sports & performing arts and also extra-curricular activities. As a school, BHIS has always believed in embracing technology judiciously, this has ensured a strong virtual schooling program delivery this year and now the admission process for the new academic year too, has moved online to ensure alignment with all safety protocols during COVID-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the normal lifestyle of people across the country and rendered several students unable to attend classes. The transition to 360 degree holistic virtual learning at BHIS has won the confidence of the parent community as they feel assured that children are not just learning but bonding, celebrating special days and participating in inter-school, inter-city, inter-state and even international events in academics and extra-curricular activities. Teachers too, have been given thorough training and the necessary tabs & resources to the engaging curriculum virtually. In line with this, BHIS has embraced virtualization in all aspects and announced the admission through online process. The admission process which typically includes meeting with the school counsellors & principal and an orientation etc., is now being done using the virtual platform.

Mr Rahul Deshpande CEO BHIS said “Billabong High International School has been among the industry’s most awarded schools. We have always set the trend be it in new age learning and now even in Virtual Schooling! Our Virtual schooling program has enabled students and parents to receive online education in an innovative & efficient manner. In an internal survey conducted, an overwhelming 70% plus parents showed satisfaction towards the virtual schooling program and as we started receiving a lot of interest for the new academic year and appreciation from existing parents, we decided to make it safe and convenient for enquiring parents to migrate to online platforms to secure admission for their children.”

“BHIS follows an innovative neuroscience based curriculum & our highly trained teachers are able to deliver this curriculum flawlessly. We are proud of our industry best student-teacher ratio. All this ensure our students not just meet but ace their learning milestones. Our goal at BHIS is to ensure high quality content and flawless delivery of the curriculum to guide and enable each child to find their true purpose and passion, their own north star “

To address the hygiene risks in the post COVID scenario. BHIS has put together a ‘School Resumption Taskforce’. The School is implementing COVSAFE – a Bureau Veritas- Cov Safe Hygiene Management System Certification before the resumption of school and alredy is BVQI – Safe Certified School. The school will adhere to all the MHA & state government guidelines that maybe issued, prior to school opening.


Billabong High International Schools have pioneered a unique proprietary pedagogical model that has been developed over 25 years with more than 150,000 man-hours spent on the research and design which is based on contemporary education research, neuroscience, and energy science. School offers global standard of curriculum which enables students to innovate and chase their dreams. All school efforts are directed towards enabling children to recognize their talents and dreams and to provide a holistic environment for their goals to materialize. BHIS students winning accolades in academic & extra-curricular competitions, challenges and global contests and student innovators developing new solutions and models to solve real world problems are testimony to the innovation-led learning adopted by the school.