BHIS Students Observe World Senior Citizens Day with full fervour


Mumbai: The Community Outreach Committee of Billabong High International School (BHIS) Santacruz celebrated World Senior Citizens day on 23rd August along with their students and their grandparents. The virtual event started by welcoming grandparents who had a fun-filled day of entertainment and games with their grandchildren.


Students from grades 1 to 12 attended this event along with their grandparents. Students had an one hour entertainment programme with their grandparents and participated in different activities like singing, dancing and playing entertaining games, quizzes with them. The slides shows were shown to the students on the importance of community outreach and what do we appreciate senior citizens for and how important a role they play in our lives.


Disha Borana, student of BHIS Santacruz who participated in the virtual event, said, “I am influenced with my grandfather’s wisdom. His own experiences and knowledge of many years have given me a lot of memorable moments. The values he has inculcated in me keeps motivating and inspire me to be a good citizen. It is the responsibility of the society to provide all possible care to the elderly people, do not let them feel alone or any kind of trouble, because they are assets of our society”.


On this occasion, Nikhat Azam, principal BHIS Santacruz said, “Children always look up to their grandparents for unconditional love and emotional support in every path of their life. They play an important role in our families, always there to give us wise advice and keep the family close to their hearts. All the grandparents enjoyed the event along with their grandchildren and also appreciated inviting them for this event.”


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