BHIS students raise over ₹5.7 lakh to help COVID affected families

Mumbai: Students and teachers of Billabong High International School, (BHIS) raised 5.73lakh through a fundraiser dedicated to support COVID affected families. This BHIS fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity in association with The Alpha Urbane Project is all set to provide family essential kits and hygiene kits to thousands impacted by COVID-19.

While the number of coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly across the country. Millions of families in the country whose bread earners are jobless from several months still lack the essential items required for survival amidst the national lockdown. In these dark clouds on such families, the students of BHIS have become a ray of hope. Yes, you heard right. The students and teachers of BHIS, Santacruz have raised funds to help the COVID affected families across the country.

“Habitat for Humanity India” is supporting families and individuals living in vulnerable conditions with no safety net by providing them with essential goods and hygiene items. Habitat’s Hygiene

Kits and Family Essentials Kits provide families with essential goods which meet their basic needs.

Currently, Habitat India has served 8,65,285 individuals with a total of 2,04,530 Kits distributed to the people who are battling the phase of lockdown across the country.

Billabong High International School Santacruz kick-started the fundraising initiative started on 4th September and this ended on the 22nd September. It was led by Sooraj Malik, a Business Studies teacher. There are daily wage labourers, slum dwellers, people living in slums and other distressed communities who need our help. Many are starving even though the Government is taking commendable measures to reach out to the vulnerable families. Understanding that the need is immense, BHIS Santacruz put in all energy and efforts towards raising funds to impact these families.

This initiative is nothing but true reflection of the philosophy and ethos of BHIS in action. It is time we make our children aware of the world around them and enable them to relate to the world with empathy. We have seen today, more than ever, that emotional intelligence is critical and goes a long way in shaping happy, confident adults. As a school it is critical to mould young minds and ensure children grow up with a strong sense of social responsibility and a high emotional intelligence that will help them become responsible future citizens.

Nikhat Azam, Principal, BHIS Santacruz said, “At Billabong High, we firmly believe in the all-round development of our children and therefore strive to give them exposure to non-academic pursuits too, parallel to pursuing their exhaustive curriculum. We endeavour to take up multiple social activities to expose the children to the real world and the less fortunate around them so that they can reach out in various ways and help to build a better world.