Bihar’s VMate User wins A Car in #VMateFilmistan Campaign

New Delhi: Pyare jee has become the latest buzz in his town- Sheohar, Bihar for winning and receiving a shining new car from VMate – a trending short video platform. Earlier in December 2019, he emerged as the winner of a car for participating in VMate’s #VMateFilmistan campaign. Pyare jee joined VMate to try his luck in earning fans across India with his comic gigs. Luckily, with the launch of #VMateFilmistan campaign that invited users to give their best creative shots, Pyare jee not only won the hearts of millions but also won a car for himself.

Pyare jee is famous for creating simple and funny VMate videos that go viral within minutes. All his videos are addictive and attracts a large number of eye-balls as many as 6 lakh views! Pyare jee enjoys making daily vlogs capturing typical life moments with a twist of entertainment. His family members, too, are a part of many videos that have taken the social media world by storm. Making a video of playing carom with kids in one’s house is no big deal, but if it is VMate’s Pyare jee then one can’t scroll down without laughing on the funny twist added to the routine chore. With perfect facial expressions and comic timing, Pyare jee has seen his popularity rising on VMate.

On the occasion of winning the car, Pyare jee said, “I am extremely happy to win such a big thing. I had never thought that I would ever own a car but today, thanks to VMate, I have a car. People in my village still don’t believe that someone could win a car by making videos and used to make fun of me for making videos.”

The news of receiving a car brought tears of joy to the whole family and his friends and well-wishers lined up to congratulate him at his house. Pyare Jee added, “After hearing my achievements many in my village have downloaded the app just to watch my videos to know how I won a car? Today, my life has been transformed because of this fortunate event. I love making videos on VMate, it is very easy to use, and in the future I will also continue to entertain my fans on the platform.”

The VMate platform has been very active in recognizing the talents and sharing the prizes with the winners. In just 2 months 2 cars were gifted away as rewards, where the first car was won by a housewife from UP’s Jaunpur – Sangeeta Navik who has now gained immense popularity in the region after participating in #RoshankaroIndia and the second car by Pyarejee of Sheohar during #VMateFilmistan campaign. Apart from winning the car, many VMate users also won TV’s, smartphones, vouchers and many more gifts during these 2 campaigns.

Ms. Nisha Pokhriyal, Associate Director, VMate said, “VMate’s ultimate aim is to empower its users to follow his or her passion and earn livelihood basis sheer potential. We are happy to add yet another success story of a VMate user who has been able to fulfill his dream. In the future, we will be introducing more such campaigns for our users which will be both innovatively entertaining, and lucrative.”

The #VMateFilmistan campaign saw participation from 5 lakh participants, wherein 7.8 lakh people won prizes worth INR 2.65Cr. The campaign became extremely popular for the introduction of unique VR stickers of Bollywood film sets whereby through just a single tap, creators could put themselves into famous movie scenes to make customized videos alongside their favourite movie characters. Overall, the videos created under the campaign garnered more than 73 million views, making the campaign a huge success.