Bill George & Zach Clayton’s new book, True North: Emerging Leader Edition urges leaders to step up to lead their organizations with their hearts


Emerging Leaders Edition of True North authored by Bill George & Zach Clayton is now available on-line. Launched on August, 30th 2022 and priced at 2,552 Rupees, the book explores themes of “human connection, leadership, values, and identity” through an entrepreneurial lens.

This edition of True North is designed with the purpose of describing leadership principles the authors have learned during their careers. It is appropriate for the new generation of leaders who are trying to find their true calling. The stories in this book which came from 50 interviews with exceptional leaders, illustrate that most authentic leaders first discovered their True North through their life stories and crucibles, developed self-awareness, and then found their North Star – the purpose of their leadership. Wisdom learned from leaders like Kabir Barday, Corie Barry, Tracy Britt Cool and Rye Barcott along with pioneers from Baby Boomer generation like Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Narayana Murthy, Mary Barra, Ken Frazier, and Hubert Joly, will guide emerging leaders at all levels in their development.  This book does not contain ‘six easy steps’ or simple formulas, rather discovering your true north requires introspection, support, and feedback from family, friends, and colleagues.

Talking about the book, Bill George says “I would attribute the inspiration behind this book to the numerous insightful discussions with some exemplary leaders we’ve had in our leadership group at Harvard Business School. When interviewing these leaders, the most striking commonality was the way their life stories influenced their leadership. I strongly believe that the world of today needs leaders who think from the heart rather than their head; build sustainable enterprises, leadership that rides on empathy, humility, purpose-driven ethos, empowerment amongst other virtues.”

Bill’s previously authored books are “Authentic Leadership”, “True North”, “Discover Your True North” and “7 Lessons for Leading in Crisis”.

The book is available on online platforms such as Amazon and others.

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