BIS signed MoU with Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

New Delhi: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, to collaborate in the field of standardization and conformity assessment.
The MoU was signed at IIT Delhi by Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi and Smt. Surina Rajan, Director General, BIS.
BIS and IIT Delhi have agreed for the setting up a Centre of Excellence in the field of Standardization, Testing & Conformity Assessment with the BIS branding at IIT Delhi campus.
Both have also agreed to appoint a Chair in the field of Standardization & Conformity Assessment.
According to the MoU, IIT Delhi will develop infrastructure support for R&D Projects of relevance to standardization. BIS will provide financial support to IIT Delhi for such R&D Projects.
The terms and conditions for infrastructure support & finance will be jointly worked out based on the nature and the duration of the R&D Projects.
Professor V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT, Delhi, in his address highlighted that around fifty faculty members of IIT, Delhi are part of the technical committees of BIS and hoped that the MoU would strengthen the collaboration further. Professor Rao underscored the importance of involving youngsters in standardization and discussed various possibilities of incorporating standardization in the academic curriculum of IIT, Delhi. He also emphasized that technology innovation and standards development shall be interwoven seamlessly to foster development of technology oriented products and services.
Smt. Surina Rajan, Director General, BIS in her address, highlighted the upcoming areas like ‘5G application layer standardization’, where BIS has taken the lead in ISO/IEC.
DG, BIS underlined the importance of standards in ensuring data security, especially in the financial field. The new possibilities in service sector standardization were also discussed. Smt. Surina Rajan emphasized the need of active involvement of technological institutes like IITs in elevating India’s position from ‘Standard takers’ to ‘Standard makers’. She further stated that creating synergy among premier educational institutions with involvement of young minds in the area of standardization process would benefit the country.
Initially, the MoU will remain in force for a period of 5 years and can be extended further.
Following are the other collaborative activities in the areas of Standardization & Conformity Assessment which IIT Delhi and the BIS have agreed to develop on the basis of equality and reciprocity.
• Exchange of information on research and educational programmes and other programmes relevant to standardization & Conformity Assessment.
• To incorporate topics on standardization & Conformity Assessment in academic field. IIT Delhi to introduce topics on standardization in its academic course for which BIS will provide inputs. Teaching modules to be based on the concept of Standardization & Conformity Assessment.
• To jointly organise training and short-term education Programmes on standardization& Conformity Assessment.
• Exploring the possibility of the hiring of IIT Delhi faculty as consultants on secondment basis.
• To explore the possibility of using laboratory facilities available at IIT Delhi for catering to the requirements of various Conformity Assessment Schemes of the Bureau.
• To jointly organize seminars, conferences, workshops symposia or lectures on topics of Standardization & Conformity Assessment.