Mumbai; ‘Bisleri Bottles for Change’ an initiative that works towards changing the habit of communities in valuing plastic as an effective resource has taken a step ahead and reached out to the colleges in Chennai through a collaboration with National Service Scheme (NSS) on 5th February, 2020 at Madras University. Dr. R Srinivasan Registrar University of Madras along with Dr. G Bhaskaran, Dr. Manivasagam HOD of Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Dr. B. Kothandaraman, Director Academic Staff College and Mr. Santosh Darne, Head OSR, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd were present for the workshop sharing their views on the initiative.

Bottles for Change has reached out to 48 colleges in Chennai through National Service Scheme (NSS) and organised an awareness session for the students. The workshop highlighted the importance of contributing towards a cleaner environment by sending it for recycling and not treating it as a waste. The educational session also focused on changing the mind-set of the young generation towards correct disposal of plastic so that it doesn’t end up in dump yards and ocean creating pollution. They were also trained about the Bottles for Change App through which they can contribute plastic right from their doorstep.

2 student representatives from each college attended the session and will be further helping in spreading the awareness about the initiative in their respective colleges, housing societies and other groups. The college with maximum plastic collection will be awarded with prizes and certificates by the initiative. Students from each college who will activate maximum housing society or individual will also be rewarded. Through this activity, Bottles for Change aims to create awareness for a positive individual mind set(s) about plastic as a recyclable material. The idea is to ‘Be The Change, You Want To See’.

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