BITS Pilani Launches PhD IMPACT program for cutting-edge industrial research

 BITS Pilani has launched a groundbreaking PhD program, IMPACT (Industry Mentored PhD in Advanced and Cutting-edge Technologies), designed to reward professionals for their innovative work while fostering academia-industry partnerships to drive innovation. This program offers professionals the opportunity to conduct high-impact research in collaboration with BITS Pilani, culminating in a PhD. Participants will receive guidance from BITS Pilani faculty and industry experts, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and the prestige of being part of a world-class PhD program. The project is structured to be completed within a specified time frame, with tasks and problem feedback from involved companies.

The key factors making this program so unique and important are that companies can enroll their employees or sponsor new PhD students who will be jointly mentored by BITS professors and industry scientists. They will be able to undertake Real-World Problem Solving. Innovative schemes encourage MNCs and other corporations to present specific problem statements for PhD research, leading to effective solutions that benefit both scholars and companies. The Participants will have the chance to advance their careers, conduct cutting-edge research, and earn a PhD from BITS Pilani. The program will provide guidance from both academic and industry mentors, fostering a rich learning environment and ensuring impactful outcomes.

Eligible candidates must have an equivalent degree with a minimum of 60% aggregation in their qualifying examination and be employed by a company that will participate in the PhD program by identifying industry issues, assigning corporate mentors, and providing financial support for the project. PhD IMPACT covers a wide range of science and technology domains such as AI/ML, data science, NLP, cyber security, robotics, 3D printing applications, sensor development, IoT, cyber-physical systems, antennas, microwave communications, natural and renewable energy, energy storage, efficient energy transfer, green chemistry, catalysis, methane production, carbon capture, drug discovery, drug delivery, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics.

This program presents a unique opportunity for professionals to grow in their careers, conduct cutting-edge research, and become part of the esteemed BITS Pilani PhD community. For more information and to apply, please contact us at [email protected].