BLK-Max Hospital launches Cancer Mukt Haryana Campaign, at Patient Assistance Centre, Rohtak


Rohtak : In order to deliberate on the rising incidences of cancer cases in the country and to highlight the advancements in the treatment modalities of various cancers, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi organised the launch of ‘Cancer Mukt Haryana’ campaign- an initiative to create awareness on Cancer disease and remove the stigma and fear attached with the same in the State.
The launch of this campaign ‘Cancer Mukt Haryana’ was done in the presence of Captain Manoj Kumar – IAS as Chief Guest, Dr. Anil Birla – Hon. CMO Rohtak, as Guest of Honour and Dr Surender Dabas, Senior Director & HOD- Surgical Oncology & Robotic surgery, BLK-Max Cancer Centre, New Delhi, who is a torchbearer of the campaign. BLK-Max Hospital running this campaign in association with AHSAAS (CSR initiative of ASK Automotive Pvt Ltd) and Spring Hope Foundation to spread awareness in the region.

“BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital has always been at the forefront of creating awareness and treating patients with its commitment to serve people with compassion. ‘Cancer Mukt Haryana’ campaign is in the continuation of the same commitment, as our primary goal is to develop awareness in public and emphasise on importance of early screening and detection which plays an important role in cancer treatment. Cancer awareness will also lead the people in making healthier lifestyle choices to avoid health complications. With the launch of campaign in Rohtak, local residents will be highly benefitted in terms of increased awareness for better quality of life.” Said Dr. Surender Dabas, Senior Director & HOD- Surgical Oncology & Robotic surgery, BLK-Max Cancer Centre, New Delhi.

The main motive of launching the campaign is to encourage people to opt for their regular screenings. It may be shocking to hear that despite being easily detectable, treatable, and more importantly preventable (in most cases), the cases of cancer in India is on an alarmingly high rate. Recent advances in understanding cancer have helped to develop better strategies to prevent and treat cancers.

This is a good initiative taken by BLK-Max Hospital with the launch of this campaign and patient Assistance centre, wherein patients would not need commuting to metro cities for primary consultations. Such awareness campaigns are the need of the hour so that prompt awareness is raised among the general population about preventing and treating cancer.” Said Captain Manoj Kumar – IAS, Chief Guest.

“Pertaining to the fact that cancer deeply invades the patient and their family, physically, mentally and financially, this campaign is a boon for people of Haryana. The hospital has taken a good initiative for the society by providing the best-in-class quality healthcare services through their patient Assistance centre.” Said Dr. Anil Birla – Hon. CMO of Rohtak

Statistics says cancer deaths in Haryana have only gone up every year. With the maximum share in overall deaths due to cancer in the country, Haryana stood at 39 per cent, according to a data released in October 2017.

“With such a huge burden of disease and the consequences that a diagnosis of cancer brings to the lives of patients and their families, it is important for the society in general to wake up to the challenge of combating this dreaded disease. This should include increasing self and public awareness about the causes/risk factors of cancer, knowledge of the signs and symptoms which can lead to early detection and treatment, adopting healthy diets and lifestyles for prevention.” Added Dr Dabas.

The rising incidence of cancer cases in the country goes to prove the level of unawareness about the disease and early detection coupled with deteriorating lifestyle of people. Through this special campaign of Cancer mukt Haryana, the aim of BLK – Max Hospital New Delhi, is not only to provide access to the best-in-class services but raise awareness about the disease will also enhance them for a better and healthy lifestyle.

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